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Historically Momentous Monday Links

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Possibly one of the creepiest yet most transfixing adverts I have ever seen, is the Little Baby’s Ice Cream “This is special time” video. Posted on youtube, this advert takes that age-old quandary ‘If I were made of ice cream, would I eat myself?’ an uncomfortable step further by picturing an ice cream person eating scoops of vanilla out the top of their own head. The staring, red-rimmed eyes of this ice cream creation make the hairs on the back of my arms stand on end, yet I can’t quite bring myself to break its gaze. I am not sure whether the advert is an effective motivator to try the product, but it will certainly stick in my mind.


After Jessica Ennis’s triumph on Saturday and Usain Bolt’s run of glory on Sunday I have really been getting into this year’s Olympic Games. As well as the BBC being a hub for all things Olympics, YouTube has become a place where people can go to relive key moments from London 2012. Along with your traditional interviews and coverage, there is a great selection of viral videos you can watch. The happiest Olympic worker has to be my favourite. Her monotonous voice and dry sense of humour has made 1.4m people tune in to see her trying to get the crowds in the Olympic village riled up. She is definitely worth a watch.

DOG STOP (Aimee) 

IKEA is well known for its innovation and again it comes up trumps with customers with the launch of dog parking areas for those who don’t want to leave their pooch at home.A series of astro-turf lawns are set up in the front its store with even fresh water left to cater for any thirsty canines! Check out some of the mutts making use of the new venture!


The Olympics coverage has perhaps dwarfed the news that NASA have successfully landed a rover on the Red Planet.
‘Curiousity’ reached Mars’ Gale Crater at 0532 GMT after a 570 million km journey from Earth and a landing sequence dubbed ‘7 minutes of terror’ by engineers as it plummeted through the atmosphere.
NASA’s Rover is expected to explore the Red Planet for a decade to find evidence that the planet could at one point have supported life.
The NASA team have kept the world captivated with their Twitter feed since ‘Curiousity’ left Cape Canaveral last November, tweeting updates and images live from the craft.
Live images have already been uploaded from the Red Planet, check them out below!
https://twitter.com/MarsCuriosity ​​


This Holyrood five unearths Scotland’s murky history which I hope you will appreciate! The gown worn by the judge at the trial of Scottish murderer William Burke has been found lying abandoned in a trunk after being forgotten about for two centuries!David Boyle’s gown was found locked up in a store cupboard along with a suit at Kelburn Castle in Ayrshire! Known as the sinister sounding, Black Man, Boyle was the presiding judge at Burke’s trial over the famous Westport Murders-a series of brutal slayings between November 1827 and October 1828 where he and his accomplice William Hare killed 17 people!