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Vice Donkey sex Colombia

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Hee Haw-the sound of donkeys and possibly the sound of those donkeys picked as the sexual conquests of young Colombian lads! That’s right-having sex with a donkey is a part of growing up for some of the local boys on the northern coast of the South American country!
Ryan Duffy, from the ever so slightly conceated Vice magazine, visits for an observational taste of the action and is unsurprisingly shocked at what he sees! It’s claimed sex with the creature can lengthen the size of your penis and young boys argue over who’s conquered the most donkeys-mental! 
Check it out-prepare for graphic content near the end which for Ryan even rum can’t seem to soften!


If you read our blog you will know the ladies at Holyrood PR are busting a gut every Tuesday at a local boot camp session trying to get slender and toned for the our Christmas LBDs. We all pretty much follow the same suit in terms of what we wear to the gym, sports tops, leggings and trainers. Obviously we all look fabulous but I have to say that we have nothing on Miranda Kerr or Elle Macpherson when they are working out. Ah if only we were all that glamorous….


As you’ll notice from previous High Five posts I love a good Facebook PR campaign and this one to raise awareness of World Alzheimer’s Day did not disappoint. The campaign urged individuals to wipe their Facebook timeline for one day only, replicating what it is like to live with no memories. All photos, wall posts and statuses were erased through a smart app and replaced with “‘Imagine your life without memories. For 36 million people living with Alzheimer’s disease, this is reality.” A really clever campaign that unfortunately didn’t seem to receive much attention, but for those who did take part I’m sure it brought to life the realities of Alzheimer’s in an engaging and thought provoking way.


We were quick off the mark in bringing you the genius that is Gangnam Style last week – and if this doesn’t ring any bells then you have obviously been hiding under a rock!
The hilarious and infectious song by Korean rapper Psy, is now a world wide phenomenon, and was tipped to hit the top of the charts last week, but lost to Maroon 5.
You know you’ve made it when a flashmob performs to your song – which is exactly what happened yesterday in Washington Square Park, New York City.


So, you may have heard of telecommunications robots being used to replicate a physical presence, usually within a work environment, like a conference room or remote workplace. However, the usage of this type of ‘telepresence’ technology has recently been used to aid a far younger worker; a schoolboy of only six years old. Devon Carrow, from Seneca Falls, NY, suffers from a huge range of ailments including allergies to a range of food products as well as anaphylactic shock syndrome, respiratory distress syndrome and asthma, and the technology is allowing him to partake in classroom activities from the safety of his home. Cool, no?