Property PR render of the redevelopment of Kinross Town Hall

High impact digital PR breathes new life into heritage town hall building

Byzantian Media Coverage

High impact digital PR breathes new life into heritage town hall building

Byzantian Media Coverage

Digital PR and social media is part of succesful integrated property PR campaign for luxury apartments

Digital PR and social media was a vital element of the integrated PR campaign for Kinross Town Hall

BUILD IT and they will come.  Those inspirational words have achieved near legendary status since they were uttered in the cult Kevin Costner movie, Field of Dreams.

In fact, they stirred a generation of internet dreamers who hoped that simply by building websites, games or apps they would automatically earn a huge audience and instant riches.

However, hard-nosed property developers know better. Even when you create a truly outstanding set of luxury homes in a beloved heritage building, you can’t simply sit back and wait for the crowds to beat a path to your door. That’s why the team which transformed Kinross Town Hall into beautiful apartments knew they would need the very best digital PR support to promote those new properties to exactly the right audience of potential buyers.

Interest in the development was sluggish and its digital footprint was non-existent.  Investors wanted to transform the profile and awareness of the development with just one catch – it had to be achieved in just one month, ahead of a showhome open day. Despite the impossible timescales we accepted the challenge and delivered an outstanding set of results which included:

  • Successfully driving viewers to an open day – where 15% of attendees were there as a result of social media activity
  • Almost 700 Instagram likes with 721 engagements
  • 11,700 Twitter impressions with 50 engagements
  • A reach of 6,557 on Facebook with 1,979 engagements
  • 18 items of media coverage, including top flight titles like The Times, The Scotsman, The Express and the Sunday Mail
  • That media coverage created at least a million opportunities to see (OTS) important messages about Kinross Town Hall
  • News sites, including The Courier, the main news title in the Kinross area, shared the story across its social media channels
  • A slew of trade title – Scottish Construction Now, Urban Realm, Project Scot – also shared the story on social media
  • The reach from social media sharing by news titles was at least 63,000
  • Three bespoke blog posts which attracted 120 views to the development website, while also driving real search engine value

Remember – all of these results were delivered in just four weeks – from a cold, standing start. So just how did we do it? Read on to find out.


A montage of digital PR and social media success for a luxury property development

The developers behind the Kinross Town Hall site were convinced that social media would be the key to success. We assured them that social media should be just a part of the mix – and encouraged them to take a more integrated PR approach.

Of course, we didn’t stint on the digital efforts, immediately setting up accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and optimising them with well-crafted words and beautiful photographs of the development.

Our extensive experience of digital projects meant we knew that research at the outset would be key to the campaign’s success. So, we quickly established the two very different audiences for the homes – young, first-time buyers and older downsizers.

Armed with our audience insights we created a detailed social content planner laying out a month’s worth of carefully thought-out content for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, the platforms most popular with the younger audience. Meanwhile we also established that Facebook as well as traditional news media would be key to reach older downsizers audience, confirming our advice that an integrated approach would work best.


A property PR photograph of one of the apartments at Kinross Town Hall redevelopment

Working with the Kinross Town Hall team we created a ‘tone of voice’ and key messages with the Kinross Town Hall team to ensure all media encapsulated exactly what they wanted to get across.

By delivering a stream of clever, eye-catching and shareable content on a daily basis we ensured the Kinross Town Hall social media channels where made as interesting as possible for househunters.

To extend the reach of the content we also worked with the development’s existing partners – including Your Move and Kuchen Hut – to get shares to their well-established followers. That also included liaising with Matterport, the specialist 3D property filming experts, to secure short, social media friendly edits of their footage of the Kinross Town Hall videos, for sharing across the digital platforms.

We also used paid media to create Facebook adverts for the Show Home Open Day, where we drilled down to make sure the content was being served up to exactly the right people in exactly the right locations and age groups.

Meanwhile we also contacted national, local and trade media, providing them with high quality media releases which outlined the USPs of the properties and followed up to make sure journalists and property writers had the detail and high-resolution photos they needed.

But we didn’t stop there. No PR campaign should be a flash in the pan, and nothing delivers long-term website like interesting and relevant blog posts. We created three posts for the website aimed at the target audiences. That content was also perfect for sharing across social media.


A montage of property PR and online media success for a luxury property development

It’s fair to say the team behind Kinross Town Hall were thoroughly delighted with the massive landslide of positive exposures across traditional media, online news sites and social media.

They said: “We have been very impressed with the impact of the PR campaign and the exposure of the property and creation of the social media presence.”

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