Hectic afternoons and hot air balloons

  Intern Programme

Hectic afternoons and hot air balloons

  Intern Programme
By Rebecca Craig
Rebecca Intern

I HAVE come to the end of a manic few weeks experiencing the real life of a PR professional and it is safe to say that it has been quite an experience.

Having never tried my hand at PR before I didnt know what to expect, but my internship at Holyrood PR has exceeded anything I could have hoped for,  and it has given me the drive to pursue a career in the profession in the future.

For anyone tackling this roller-coaster internship, I feel I should pass down a few words of wisdom, as in my time at Holyrood PR I feel that I have learned some valuable lessons:

  • Coming up with catchy titles is a tricky business, you will struggle, but there is always someone on hand to suggest ideas
  • Always have a notepad and pen, it is ESSENTIAL that you write things down because you will have to take in a lot of different bits of information all at once
  • There is no such thing as a lull in the workload, you may feel that you have come to the end of the to-do list but you will soon find yourself swimming in work, wondering why you were so naïve
  • Photos are equally as important as words in the PR world, when it comes to issuing information it can make the difference a small paragraph and a feature article
  • Take the opportunity to speak on the phone, and dont be ashamed to ask people to spell things out, no matter how stupid you may feel.
  • It is crucial that you become an avid email checker and list maker as it is the only way to keep afloat in such a fast paced, fast moving environment.
  • Seeing something that you have been working on make the frontpage of a newspaper gives you a major rush and you will want to have that feeling again…and again….and again

I have been told several times that a degree is nothing without experience and my month at Holyrood PR has given me just that. I now feel much more confident about my knowledge of PR and of my own abilities.

There is a great atmosphere in the office and there’s always loads of tasks to do so you will never find that you’re sitting twiddling your thumbs. They have been so welcoming I have definitely felt like I have become a part of a well-oiled machine.

In the first week I had already learned so much and by the end of the month I was given the opportunity to pick my own interesting press releases to help draft. I also played a role in organising some very unusual events including a balloon ride for a 100 year old.

I have also learned that I really enjoy reading newspapers, even if it is just the property section

Most importantly spending a month at Holyrood PR has been the perfect way to transition myself out of the post-uni lull. I have now learned that the big bad world is really not so bad!

I know that my experience at Holyrood PR will prove invaluable to pursuing a career in Public Relations and I am very grateful to the entire team for being so accommodating to a total PR newbie.

Essentially an internship at Holyrood PR can teach you a lot, but it is safe to say that I have also had the opportunity to learn a lot about myself, and I am leaving this award winning PR agency having drank gallons of tea, with a heavy notepad full of illegible notes and an even heavier heart.

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