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Being the biggest Spice Girls fan back in the day has allowed me to appreciate this link to their memorabilia. I personally had a fluorescent orange Spice Girls rain jacket which my mum and dad bought on a trip to Morecambe Bay as well as the collection of photo cards which I used to use to prove that I was actually was friends with them- yeah as if. The one thing I didn’t really have and always wanted was the Spice Cam, a Polaroid camera endorsed by the girls. I have to say I didn’t lose much sleep over it.



Imagine a day without your phone. I’d really like to try that but then I would never; be woken up on time in the morning, know what time it is during the day, be able to phone my chums when I’m running late to meet them and have nobody to talk to on the bus when I’m by myself.These people are even more addicted to their phones. They admit to not eating dinner without their loyal smartphone next to their plate or sleeping with their phone under the pillow just in case they need to call someone or check the time during the night.It just shows you how much you rely on your mobiles and how unsocial you could become. So maybe we should all try and leave are phones off for the day, chat to neighbours and people on the bus and enjoy people’s company while eating dinner instead of checking your Facebook every five minutes. We could all learn to communicate a bit better by just peeking out from our phones for a couple of hours. Just don’t talk to strangers, that’s never been good.



Ever dreamed of what it’s like to be your favourite musician or what it would be like to spend a day in their shoes? Well MasterCard’s BRIT Awards 2013 activation offered fans just that chance through its ‘Priceless Remake’ campaign. Pop stars Rita Ora, Conor Maynard or Delilah took a step back to let fans film their own remake singing hit singles. Each winner will meet their idol and swap tips at tonight’s awards taking place at London’s O2 with the priceless remakes being broadcast for the fist time on ITV1 during commercial breaks. Although I’m not sure the winners will be giving up their day jobs if this preview featured in on the Daily Mail’s website is anything to go by. 



Just in case you thought about stripping down and doing the Harlem Shake, sorry to tell you but The Sun’s Page 3 girls have beaten you to it.The latest in a long line of videos to go viral, the girls have been branded as fun and on trend, which can only be good news for Rupert Murdoch, even though only recently he was tweeting that the end of Page 3 could be nigh, somehow this video might just keep the girls on Page 3 for that little longer.You can make up your own minds here. 



Findmypast.co.uk has today published criminal records dating back to 1770 for the first time, offering a fascinating insight into Victorian villains with some very gruesome crimes revealed.Court records and mug shots are available to view some of which I found a bit unsettling…Crimes range from persistent drunkenness in the case of one 78 year old woman to Amelia Dyer who is believed to have murdered 400 babies and was later hanged.