Hands That Do Dishes Are As Soft As Your Face – But How Good is Fairy On Twitter?


Hands That Do Dishes Are As Soft As Your Face – But How Good is Fairy On Twitter?


Fairy Liquid TweetClimate change deniers take heed: I spent Sunday outside in a T-shirt, working up a sweat washing my car. In November. In Scotland. That’s just not right.

But hey, any thoughts on global warming were quickly dispelled when I stumble upon a surprise new wonder product.

For the past five years I’ve dreaded hand washing the car, because the alloys are particularly prone to collecting brake dust and road muck. They always look manky – and worse they are a nightmare to clean.

I’ve tried every specialist spray, chemical wash and treatment I can get my hands on (including a selection of wire brushes and abrasive pads and loads of elbow grease).

Even the guy from the “waterless valet” company (who must have compounds much more powerful than anything I can get hold of?) Fairy Liquid cleans car wheelscommented on the difficulty of cleaning the trims. He suggested visiting a specialist to have them reground.

Well. Those woes are behind me now. Cos I’ve discovered the gentle cleaning power of Fairy Lemon, made by those nice people at Procter & Gamble (UK).

Yup, when I realised I’d run out of “car shampoo” (a ridiculous name, anyway) I had no option other than to add a dash of the dishwashing stuff to my bucket of warm water.

I’m sure petrolheads everywhere while now be sucking air over their teeth in a disapproving way at the heresy committed against my bodywork.

But crikey, it didn’t half shift the unpleasant crap coating my wheel trims and I didn’t need anything except a rather careworn old sponge to help. No wonder Fairy makes such short work of even the toughest cooked in food on the tea time crockery.

So what? Well, since I’m always telling clients and potential clients about how businesses and successful companies are effectively using Twitter to monitor customer relations issues.

Well, here was the perfect chance to put that to the test. Idecided to Tweet a message praising Fairy’s wheel-grime shifting powers – and even suggest that Procter & Gamble should consider launching a new Fairy Wheel Clean product.

Now I will be waiting intently for a reply and will find out whether the Procter & Gamble customer services team use Twitter to monitor talk of their product.

For those interested in Twitter, social media and the integration of search tools, social networks, search engines and customer conversations – I’ll keep you posted.