Hair Solved Supports Launch of Bald Barbie

by Holyrood PR

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Hair Solved

PR in Scotland for UK Hair Loss Clinic

One of the UK’s leading hair loss clinics has achieved online PR coverage after advocating its support of Mattel’s plans to launch a bald Barbie. The friend of Barbie doll is being created after a prolific online petition to provide more support for girls who lose their hair at a young age. 

Hair Solved believes that the launch of a bald Barbie will help young girls to cope with the traumatic experience of hair loss. The company treats girls as young as 10 for conditions such as alopecia and trichotillomania with their affordable ‘enhancer’ solution.

The treatment uses mesh and extensions to provide a natural looking and long lasting method of covering up hair loss. 

Managing Director Lucas Sojka said “We think it is a great idea to create a bald Barbie for young girls who are going through some type of hair loss.

“Producing a well known and loved toy like Barbie is a great idea and we feel it is a huge step in helping to give young girls a positive outlook on hair loss and assure them they are not the only ones to suffer this loss. 

“Although many children are too young to understand why they are losing their hair there can be lasting effects which many parents may not realise. Having something like a bald Barbie will help to limit these effects as it will help to give children normality in a stressful situation.

“If Mattel makes its bald Barbie widely available, then we would definitely look to secure some for all of our clinics, in the hope that it will help young children come to terms with their hair loss and help remove some of the stigma surrounding it.”

This coverage can be viewed in full on the Build Scotland website and was achieved as part of the ongoing PR campaign by the Holyrood PR on behalf of Hair Solved.

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