Guitar-wielding Scot Celebrates Being Winner During Susan Boyle Show Britain’s Got Talent

by Holyrood PR

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

Plum Films

SUSAN Boyle may have been a loser in Britain’s Got Talent final but for a guitar-playing bow-tied Glaswegian, it’s just the beginning of his road to rock fame – even if he missed it himself because his TV broke down.


William Swales, 22, made his TV debut during the top-rated ITV show in a music advert for Glasgow guitar shop Merchant City Music, created by Scots firm Plum Films.


But he missed it as his TV went on the blink moments before it was due to show.


William, who bases his bow-tie look on Buddy Holly, said: “I couldn’t believe it. I had seen the advert on YouTube but I wanted to see it on the telly – and then it packed in just beforehand.


“It seems to have gone down well though as I received tons of texts and phone calls from people afterwards – and I see it’s gone down well on YouTube as well.


“Hopefully it will help open some doors for me. At the moment I’m just looking forward to getting my telly fixed and seeing the advert the next time it shows.”


So many people are talking about William’s TV debut that his appearance has overshadowed that of Big Country’s Bruce Watson, who also appears in the advert.


In just a few days, William has already started to build up a fanbase on YouTube with comments including “We love Wullie Swales!” and frontman of Scottish rock band Marshall Chipped, David Burns, adding “‘Mon the Swales”.


Even though the film was shot using the latest digital equipment, the project was delivered on a tight budget and on schedule by the Plum team.


And Plum Films co-founder Tina Foster isn’t surprised by the attention William’s attracting.


She said: “Director John Clayton spotted William’s ‘talent’ as soon as filming began and knew that he would become a key player in the advert.


“He looks like such an unlikely rock star, but that’s part of his appeal. When he was performing, he just went for it – he was a bit like Jack Black in School of Rock.


“More people are talking about what he did than Bruce Watson.


“Bruce got involved after Derek Forbes of Simple Minds and Four Good Men couldn’t join us, but he did set up Bruce coming along to take part and he was a good laugh, getting right into the spirit of things.”


Stow College music student William said: “It was good fun getting involved and I certainly didn’t expect to be on for as long as I was, but now that all my mates know I’m in it, they’re getting ready to spread it far and wide over the weekend once it’s aired on TV.”


The advert can be found at:

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