Google Privacy Policy Leads to Love/Hate Divide

QueryClick Press releases

Google Privacy Policy Leads to Love/Hate Divide

QueryClick Press releases

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featured in an article discussing Google’s privacy policy on Direct Marketing International online.

The search engine giant launched changes to its privacy policy designed to make the Internet search process more intuitive for users, but the changes haven’t gone down so well leading to a love/hate divide.

Recent changes mean that instead of operating under a number of different policy documents, Google has now created one main privacy document governing all of its products. Google can now pull information from one service and deliver it to you via another, improving the relevance of Internet searches.

Experts at Queryclick, have been monitoring the changes and observed that although initial reactions were cautious, the changes have so far been a success.

Initial concerns raised surrounded the safety of personal data with many users worried about whether Google was taking privacy for granted in order to maximise corporate profit.

Donald Stephenson (pictured), Search Marketing account manager at QueryClick, says that so far this has not been the case. donald-stephenson-queryclick

He said: “The privacy policies may have changed, but this does not mean Google has access to any more information than they have access to before – the only difference is they are now able to use the information they have and cross reference it between the various Google products.

“This essentially makes for a more intuitive user experience, which is immediately noticeable in the relevance of the search results produced. Whether or not people find this helpful is subjective, but generally the search engine’s ability to provide us with the most relevant results based on our location and past search history etcetera is pretty impressive.”

The full article can be viewed on the Direct Marketing International website and was secured on behalf of Queryclick thanks to the expertise of Holyrood PR.