Good Vibrations With Reactec

HAVmeter Vibration Safety Press releases

Good Vibrations With Reactec

HAVmeter Vibration Safety Press releases


Quarrying Press Picks up on Effective HAVs Monitoring

According to a leading vibration safety specialist, many well intentioned companies are losing large sums of money whilst working to protect employees from hand arm vibration risks by not implementing the right equipment to do so.

Reactec, responsible for the HAVmeter which measures the amount of vibration that individuals are exposed to whilst using power tools, has warned that things like administration and interruption during manual logging can cost tens of thousands of pounds a year if companies are not careful.

The firm’s own research with its customers has shown that by using the HAVmeter solution, efficiency of monitoring vibration improves by up to 25% thanks to accurate and easy record collection and reporting.

Amey is one of the respected names to have already seen the benefits of the HAVmeter.

Gary Kennedy, Road Manager with Amey in North Lanarkshire said: “Before the HAVmeter, we relied on manual input, with a worker basically using his memory at the end of the day for the time that he has spent using vibratory tools.

“With the HAVmeter, we have an accurate, user friendly piece of kit which allows us to manage HAV more easily.

“It really is a Health and Safety Management tool. We have been able to make major savings through cutting out administrative costs.”

Jim O’Hagan, Managing Director of Reactec, said: “By using better technology, companies are ensuring the protection of their employees, as well as saving themselves money.

“These can be a great incentive for companies to ensure their health and safety practices are compliant. Even better though, is that by investing in staff safety companies secure their future reputation.”

This coverage was secured with HUB4 as part of a sustained PR campaign carried out by Holyrood PR on behalf of Reactec.