Good Friday’s Great Links

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Good Friday’s Great Links

Holyrood PR Blog

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We’re not at a stage of teleportation just yet but travelling from New York to Beijing without leaving the ground ain’t half bad! The transport system responsible is a patented Evacuated Tube Transpor system which is apparently it is silent, cheaper than planes, trains, or cars and faster than jets.  I’ll spare you the compicated science part and tell you that licenses for the system have been sold in China so watch this black hole space


If you have suffered the ultimate pain getting your wisdom teeth out then this will make you laugh! A girl from North Carolina in America was caught on camera after the pain of getting her wisdom teeth out. Drugged up to the nines she is hilariously drowsy and doesn’t make much sense in her slurs. When her mum gets her in the car the daughter gets upset at not knowing where she lives. Until she has an epiphany she realises is actually from Hogwarts and is a wizard. The funniest thing is that her mum plays along and she is even given a spare lightsaber to fight off the evil dentists. Great video to make you smile.


It’s a running joke in the office that my sense of Geography is shocking – just the other day I asked whether we would include India in Europe – but this French Tourism agency keeps mistaking its own country for others. As part of £600,000 ad campaign the agency used an image of freinds running along a beach, but it turns out that rather than being on the shores of Brittany, this beach is actually on the shores of North Carolina. The image is and istock image and the agency claims it was using it as temporary measure until a real image could be supplied. But if you delve deeper, this is not the first time the agency has dropped a geography clanger. The orginal image on the site depicted a beach in Cape Town South Africa. Surely this can’t do much to boost toursim in France? It sends out the message that its beaches simply aren’t good enough! Lesson to be learned here – brush up on your geography skills… where is France again??


An Australian pilot was forced to make an emergency landing yesterday after he found a genuine snake on a plane!  The reptile slithered out from the dashboard and crawled across his leg as he was mid-flight.  The pilot was completely alone on as it was a solo cargo flight, so I can only imagine how terrified he must have been.  Another story that should be an April Fool’s but isn’t!

RANDY HORSE (Victoria) 

An Irish policeman got a bit of a fright at the annual Smithfield Horse Fair this week when a frisky pony mistook him for a mating partner.  The policeman was trying to inspect the horses electronic tag when the piebald pony took this as a romantic pass and attempted to mount the poor chap…  You can view the slideshow of the extremely funny images below.