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Youtube E-Lites Video Ad

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GANGNAM FEVER (R)E-Lites (Aoibhínn)

As Gangnam fever appears to die down the guys of McCann Birmingham have cleverly worked it into an ad for E-Lite cigarettes in what is the first National TV advert for electronic cigarettes. The advertising through television commercials for cigarettes was banned in 1965, although commercials for loose tobacco and cigars continued until 1991. The e-cigarette company is set to test the UK’s almost 50 year ban on promoting smoking on TV. The commercial features actor Mark Benton returning from a sneaky cigarette having missed his family and friends see his baby perform some “Gangnam-style” dance moves. “So, what have I missed,” he says. McCann are treading a fine line and defending themselves by saying the advert is not directly promoting smoking in the 30 second clip. All that aside, it’s been very cleverly done to comply with all advertising regulations, but will it hit our screens?



Looking outside its hard to find something positive about the weather at the moment. Snow is only magical for the first 10 minutes or so then you realise that if it continues this could result in some tricky situations, such as being able to venture outside without everyone see you do an amazing not-so-graceful fall. Rain isn’t any better either, especially when it is partnered with the wind, is there is any light at the end of this winter tunnel? Well according to expert Venice A Fulton this cold weather can actually help us to lose weight, he suggests that a regular dose of heat-loss encourages your body to burn fat. I might agree if not for taking comfort in many hot chocolates to provide warmth, but don’t knock it till you try it!



For me and my sister growing up, Mean Girls starring Lindsay Lohan was probably our favourite movie. Like ever. It didn’t matter how many times we watched it, it would always be as scintillatingly American and just generally fantastically different from our own Scottish high school experience. A bit like 10 things I hate about you in it’s time. However, unlike 10 things I have about you, I had no idea what happened to some of the cast from such Mean Girls, until I hit upon the Buzz Feed thread I am adding in below. All Mean Girls fans, check it out and relieve your childhood for a couple of brief minutes.



We all have that moment with food when you just want to cry. Whether it was the time when you got a crackless pistachio or even when you expected a cookie to be chewy rather than crunchy, we have all had #foodproblems. This hilarious link features the top 33 food problems that you are likely to experience in your lifetime. I think my favourite one has to be number 32 when you buy a bag of starburst and you get all yellows with one red. This is definitely not acceptable.



If you are looking for some entertainment to keep you amused while you are tucked up in a dressing gown, radiators blazing, this winter, then look no further. Mashable online has created a list of the 9 Fresh YouTube Shows You’ll Love – with something for everyone the news site has done the work for you – finding obscurely awesome TV out of the brain dump that is YouTube. All lazy or house bound people thank you.