Glorious Wednesday’s Sunny Links


Glorious Wednesday’s Sunny Links

High Five

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If you’re like me and like a good old bit of ketchup on your bacon sarnie rather than some HP then you will be glad to know that you no longer have to wrestle with the bottle to get the Heinz goodness out. Students from MIT University in America may have just come up with a bottle that is so slippery it makes the ketchup just fall out. It is a great idea but I do also know what it feels like to end up with too much of the red stuff on your Sunday brekkie. Maybe I spoke to soon…


One of the only thing I got out of studying Higher English (apart from essay writing induced finger blisters) was a love for all things F Scott Fitzgerald.The Great Gatsby is undoutedly my favourite of his novels. The enigmatic characters of Jay and Daisy set against the exciting backdrop of the roaring twenties makes for a thrilling read. What else do I love? Baz Luhrman! So when it was announced he was to direct a new big screen version, I could not contain my excitement.And now the trailer has been released – WOW.​ 


I’m back into work after an amazing holiday in Berlin which without a doubt hosts some of the best nightclubs I’ve ever been to. Included in this is Berghain-a former power plant and hailed as one of the best in the world! But with that lablel comes an equally renowned reputation as being one of the hardest places to get into with numerous blogs and posts on how to trick the bouncers into letting you in! There seems to be little logic to their decision but in a club where everything goes-I saw one girl chilling at the side with no bra on and countless bondage gear- they want to make sure all clubbers are comfortable and free from open jawed stares! How they do this with one glance is difficult to pin down and I met local people who sometimes get in and other times refused! With that in mind our small group of friends had little hope and what little we had was blasted apart after watching people simply being ushered to the side without a word! But we must have had first timers luck and got in! Yus! Crazy inside starting with the body building woman at the camera desk and numerous dark spots where all sorts probably goes down! With massive queues til 5am this place is a MUST for tecno lovers! Check out what has been named the walk of shame for the rejected who are mostly left baffled! 


With the Olympic games just round the corner, we have all seen the adverts on television with the Olympic references in them. Now Samsung have got on board with David Beckham, and have created a clever video where Becks plays the theme of ‘Ode to Joy’ by Beethoven on a 15-foot drum wall. Showing his precise ball skills and control Becks carries out the tune after a quick guide on the new Samsung Galaxy Note. As amazing as the video is, the video is more about Beckham hitting a ball against a drum that about the brief cameo appearance the phone gets. 


Now, as someone who worked in bars throughout university (by this I mean someone used to carrying crates of beer up unnecessary numbers of stairs) I am very familiar with the mind-numbing mores of health and safety. In my opinion, after experiencing several training courses (including two on how to lift heavy things and climb ladders), there is nothing that can make health and safety exciting. However, on perusing the Drum website I stumbled across Purple’s Soviet inspired media campaign, and I have to say I have changed my mind. This eye catching campaign may not change the dull nature of health and safety, but at least it demonstrates it can be visually pleasing.​