Glasgow care rights conference sparks strong interest

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Glasgow care rights conference sparks strong interest

Care Inspectorate Blog
A previous Care Commission forum

A Care Commission Forum to be held in Glasgow about equality and rights in care services has sparked overwhelming interest with more than 700 applications for 350 places.

Service providers, carers, service users and their families have all signed up in droves to the forum, which will discuss a rights-based approach to the regulation of social care in Scotland.

The Dignity in Care forum, at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC) on Thursday May 28, 2009, will bring together people who have an interest in care to discuss equality and rights for adults and children who use social care.

It will be hosted by respected Scottish journalist and broadcaster Fiona Armstrong and will feature presentations by Professor Frank Clark, convener of the Care Commission, Jacquie Roberts, chief executive of the Care Commission, and Carole Wilkinson, chief executive of the Scottish Social Services Council. Seminars will also be hosted by Professor Alan Millar, the Scottish Human Rights Commissioner. The Scottish arm of the UK Equality and Human Rights Commission will also participate.

The forum will also introduce the new “Meet Sid” website, which features an alien called Sid, who shows in film clips how youngsters feel when they are taken into care.


Participants have a choice of 12 workshops – one of which is titled I’d rather go rollerblading than play dominoes – and will have the chance to debate points with senior staff of the organising bodies during a question and answer session.

Professor Clark said: “I always look forward to these events because the one thing that you can be sure of is that people who use care will be full of ideas and there will be some lively debate.

“Dignity in care is an important and highly emotive issue so there will certainly be no shortage of discussion about how we can ensure people get the care Scotland’s National Care Standards encourages them to expect.

“As the national care regulator it’s vital that we hear the opinions of people who use care services. These forums are just one of the methods we use to canvass opinion and suggestions for improvement. I am particularly proud that the Care Commission is known for then acting on what we learn and letting those who participate know what changes as a result.

“The Care Commission Forum is not a talking shop and this really is an opportunity for people with an interest in care to influence change.”

The event, Dignity in Care is being held at the SECC on May 28, 2009 between 12.45pm and 7.30pm.