Giving clients absolute confidence and clarity on PR costs, fees and charges

by Scott Douglas

Friday, April 9th, 2021

Every year we audit PR costs on dozens of Scottish PR agency websites – so that you don’t have to

Scottish PR agency publishes PR costs on line and is totally transparent about PR feesWE’RE a price sensitive bunch, us consumers. 

Which begs the simple question: “Why is it so frustratingly difficult to find out the cost of PR services?”

Here at Holyrood PR we are totally, 100% transparent about the our PR costs, fees and charges. In fact, they are published prominently on our website – and have been for years. Our clients can have absolute confidence that they are paying a fair and simple rate that is easy to understand.

Yet most other PR companies simply cannot say the same. For anyone thinking about using or choosing a public relations agency, good luck trying to find the PR cost charged by our rivals. You’ll have to search an awful lot of websites before you’ll find even a sniff of a rate card.

How do we know this? Because every year we conduct a methodical audit of the websites of up to 75 Scottish PR agencies of all sizes. We carry out an exhaustive series of checks and searches, including visiting every site and searching manually.

In all the years we have been doing this we’ve found just one other agency (a small, rural practice) which publishes it’s PR charges online.

Of course, we know that cost and value are two very different things. But after all these years of checking, we’re still totally baffled as to why our contemporaries are so coy when it comes to talking about costs. Surely it can’t be difficult? If it is, then potential clients might want to stop and wonder why?

Here are some observations on our audit results from all of the years since we started carrying out our check on Scottish PR agency websites:


2020/2021: YEAR 7
Three certainties in life: death, taxes and our transparent fee structure

2019/20: YEAR 6
Just 1% of Scottish PR agencies publish their PR costs and charges online

2018/2019: YEAR 5
The question everyone is asking finally answered: How much will it cost?

2017/18: YEAR 4
Shining a light on the murky world of PR fees – just why is it so opaque?

2016/17: YEAR 3
PR agency’s crusade for clarity on PR costs and charges hits the headlines

 2015/16: YEAR 2
Exposing the fiction of transparency over PR costs and charges

2014/15: YEAR 1
Why finding out the cost of PR in Scotland is a painful guessing game


Our first audit report was published in July 8th, 2015 with annual updates in February documenting the latest audit findings.

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