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Marketing graduate, Gabriela Toch, reflects on her first week of the graduate placement programme at Holyrood PR

Marketing graduate reflects on her first week of the graduate placement programme at Scottish PR Agency

WHEN I left Poland in 2021 to get my master’s degree, I didn’t think I would stay abroad once I had completed it. Two years later I am getting to know the world of public relations at an award-winning Scottish PR agency.

Struggling to find employment after graduation is a recent problem of many young professionals. For almost a year I battled the recruitment scene, with endless job applications and unanswered emails.

Which is why when I was given an amazing opportunity to take part in the Holyrood PR graduate placement programme I knew I had to take it and make the most of it.

Even though I completed my master’s in marketing, I was keen to experience working at a PR agency as I believe they are industries which intertwine on various levels.

My first day started with some healthy feelings of nervousness, which usually accompanies most of us when starting a new project. However, I was immediately introduced to the team and the variety of platforms and software’s used by Holyrood PR. Instantly, I had to shift into full concentration mode and the stress disappeared.

The level of responsibility which was placed on me during the first week exceeded my expectations.

I was assigned with many different tasks from helping to arrange proposals for prospective new clients, analysing PR reports, to getting invited to join an interview with British Paralympic swimmer Toni Shaw.

What is possibly the most important thing during placements like this, is that I felt if I ever encountered any problems or difficulties with completing tasks, I can ask anyone in the office for help or explanation without feeling like a burden.

My first week was full of exciting assignments and experiences and I cannot wait to see what challenges I will face next over the coming weeks.


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