Get Your Paws Into This Lot!

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Get Your Paws Into This Lot!

Holyrood PR Blog

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With all of the recent rain, we should spare a thought for our poor wee pooches.
When walking our dogs it is easy for us to shelter from the wet under an umbrella whilst Patch gets soaked.
A great new product will ensure your pup can enjoy a walk come rain or shine!
The Dog Umbrella is attached to a lead which fixes onto the collar, and is see through so you can see what mischief Patch is up to.
I’m sure this would attract a few stares in the park, and Patch may feel he has lost some street cred, but it would shorten drying time when back in the house – I love it! ​


Considering myself as being a relatively sporty person, I have a keen interest in the Olympics. However, watching the news last night, I was made aware of an Olympic event I hadn’t seen before, The Human Pinata. If you haven’t seen it before either, let me explain how it works. It involves dangling a ‘town idiot’ by a wire in a large open space, while he waves the flags of the country he is representing. While dangling, spectators point, laugh, and take photographs instead of battering him with a stick for candy.

Of course I’m kidding on, but this was one of the highlights of yesterday’s Olympic action for me – London Mayor, Boris Johnson getting stuck on a zip wire in front of an abundance of people in London’s Victoria Park. This is just another, in a long line of PR stunts-gone-wrong for the Mayor who is no stranger to calamity. If you’ve had the misfortune of NOT seeing this, here you are.


Those crazy Japanese keep providing the goods when it comes to the wacky and it doesn’t come much better than the Japanese Pole Toppling game!
Aim of the game is pretty simple, team A form a strong circle to protect their team mate stuck up a pole. Team B launches an assault to try and topple their opponents! 
Would have loved to be in on the creation of this and it makes school sports day look pants!


The vast majority of the female population will tell you that cake and cocktails top the list of things that are good. And when consumed simultaneously there is really nothing better. Unless, that is, you have had the good fortune of coming across a new cross-breed of female fantasy – the caketail. Caketails are exactly what their name implies – fairy cake and cocktail mixed in the form of a classic American cupcake. Available from Posey, a London based firm, these boozy delights come in a variety of of styles and flavours; from Champagne to Peach Schnapps. There are also mini cakes called SHOTS available, which are full of liquor infused buttercream. YUM.​


If you are familiar with the Shake Weight workout, you will be aware that it can look awfully suspicious and some what rude. A new work out machine from Korea could put this one to shame. Check out the Horse Riding Fitness advert created for this product. Skip to 30 seconds for the video to begin.
This product is supposed to simulate horse riding but I don’t think the 1.5 million viewers see if that way. Would you sit at your TV and do this exercise without feeling humilated?