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Get Your Head Around Our Web Hits Today


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A Norwegian man who lost his arm in a freak accident when he was just thirteen years old has transformed his stump into a life like image of a dolphin, thanks to the work of a talented tattoo artist. Showing that he has a great sense of humour Heine Braeck had the tattoo created in order to liven up his stump which he said was becoming tired looking. It certainly is an impressive tattoo, let’s just hope when he goes swimming it doesn’t get mistaken for a real dolphin!


Associating a product with one of the world’s most notoriously evil terrorists may not seem like a route to success but it has proved to be just that for bakers in the Malawian city of Blantyre!
Mohamed Hanif Valimamade, co owner of the Portuguese Bakery explains that labeling their bread rolls after the late Al-Qaeda founder, Osama Bin Laden, has attracted droves of customers whilst standing out from their competition. 
The reasoning for this unusual nickname isn’t as bizarre as first thought, which I’ll admit is a bit disappointing, as customers simply likened their appearance to similar bread made in the Middle East. 
It maybe can’t be described as an affectionate nickname but the tag quickly caught on since it began in 2001 and on a good day small bakeries like his can sell up to 2,000 “bin Ladens.”
Valimamade is quick to state the name isn’t an expression of solidarity as creative naming policies are simply a source of fun which emphasises the typical Malawian sense of humour and by feeding into popular trends that are relevant to daily customers they are able to sell more.


This week, the Australian charity, Get Up! released a thought provoking video with a twist in its tail which is aiming to challenge people’s views on marriage entitled, ‘It’s Time’. 
The organisation is campaigning for a progressive and accountable Australia and has produced this video to tie in with the upcoming ALP (Australian Labour Party) Conference whereby the ruling party will be deciding their stance in ending marriage discrimination. 
It is a sensitive, heart warming tale with a hard hitting message that will stir even the staunchest of traditionalists. 
Take a look for yourself and see why it racked up 2 million views in just five days.


Singletons in San Francisco aren’t letting the fact their single hold them back when it comes Christmas party season. They have decided to stay single but find ‘holidates’. Through the Gumtree like site Craigslist, singles have been advertising for strictly ‘holidates’ and have been brutal in letting guys know that these dates are just for the holiday period. The funny thing about it is two women have advertised for seasonal boyfriends together stating they are looking for guys in a ‘Bromance’ to suit their ‘Womance.’ Desperate?!


A pub in South London has unveiled the first urine-controlled video game. Punters can play the game whilst they have a wee giving true meaning to the Nintendo Wii! This seems like a great idea but unfortunately the game only lasts as long as your bladder will allow you to pee for. The game judges your accuracy as there are 3 key spots you aim for. A bit high-tech for someone who just wants to empty the tank but it all seems like fun. Let’s hope this is the only game they bring out for toilet banter!