Get Your Five A Day For Less Than A Fiver


Get Your Five A Day For Less Than A Fiver


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IS HE OR ISN’T HE? (Laura)

Androgynous male model Andre Pejic has once again hit the headlines thanks to his appearance which bears a striking resemblance to the female form. Book stores Barnes and Noble and Borders have refused to display copies of the glossy magazine Dossier which features a topless image of the Serbian model on its cover for fear that people should mistake him for a woman. In a first of itskind, the request from the book stores have caused outrage in the fashion world and sparked a very interesting debate about gender. Industry insiders are questioning why it is okay to show a ripped naked torso and not the torso of an effeminate male whilst the stores are defending their decision to cover up the image as it may make people uncomfortable. The image is a very striking one which represents androgyny and whilst it does encapsulate some of the fear we feel as a society towards gender boundaries, it is still a beautifully crafted stylish shot and should be celebrated for its creativity rather than hidden, because of fear of upsetting someone passing by the magazine rack.–Noble-Borders-censor-image-androgynous-male-model-Andrej-Pejic-case-customers-think-woman.html


Here at Holyrood PR we strive every day to serve up five interesting links every day – with a knowing wee nod to the best practice health advice that everybody should eat at least five portions of fruit and veg per day. It isn’t too arduous coming up with the link and likewise it should be be easy to keep a full belly, right? As this writer points out, trying to feed yourself on just a fiver a week – replicating the plight facing millions of the world’s poor – is a real challenge which brings home how much we take for granted in the pampered west.


While space travel and astrophysics may have lost some of the mystique that they had during the glory days of the space race, there’s still plenty of interest left in blasting off into the final frontier. This week saw the final flight of the space shuttle Endeavour, which lifted off from Florida en route to the International Space Station with a $2 billion cargo of particle physics equipment. As NASA’s penultimate shuttle  launch, the event marks the end of an era for a craft that has been the primary form of space flight for the past three decades. But supporters weren’t going to let the occasion pass without celebrating the remarkable history of the shuttle programme – with hundreds of thousands of well-wishers and space enthusiasts descending on Cape Canaveral to watch the spectacular launch. Hopefully the remarkable public interest in the latest launch will help provide new funds for NASA, which will only have a solitary active space craft left when Endeavour completes its final mission and is decommissioned.


Shoppers at a Topshop store in Moscow became the first to road test new technology which allowed them to try on a range of outfits without having to get undressed. The virtual technology which provides a 3D image of how fashionistas will look in their garments uses gaming technology and a Kinect motion sensor to create the image and even detect when the person moves so they can see what they will look like from behind. Design to revolutionalise the shopping experience through augmented reality, the device is easily used, allowing ladies to select outfits by selecting virtual buttons in the air. It’s a fantastic piece of technology….yet sadly it takes some of the thrill out of the shopping experience for me. I think if they were to introduce one to the Topshop store in Edinburgh I would bypass it and head straight to the changing rooms to get my kick out of trying on beautiful clothes I simply can’t afford!


Lady Gaga has become the first twitter user to reach 10million followers, proving that as well as being a mean lean record selling machine – she (or rather her marketing team) have  pretty strong handle on social handle on social media as well. A pretty happy Gaga tweeted out her appreciation to her fans thanking them for following and commenting that ‘it’s an illness how much I love you all’ Not content with Twitter domination the popstress has also reached well over a 1million fans on her facebook page and her YouTube channel has received over 1billion views. Maybe if we donned a couple of meat dresses and teapot hats we could get the HPR page to 10million!