Get Yer Waterproof Ponchos Oot…for some HP Sauce!

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Get Yer Waterproof Ponchos Oot…for some HP Sauce!

Holyrood PR Blog
Youtube clam eats salt

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My link hunt today took me to a video of a solo clam chillin’ on a table and emerging to wipe up a load of salt!This might not be your bag but when have you ever seen a salt eating clam before? The way it emerges is pretty special and the jury is out from looking at the comments on whether clams actually enjoy salt! 


It was a great day for British cycling yesterday with Bradley Wiggins, the first British man to win the Tour de France. As well as his triumphant win the 32 year old has also been praised for his style of the track being hailed as the mod of British cycling. His sideburns and Fred perry threads have given him cult status with fans on the tour even wearing masks with stick on sideburns. Something tells me he could have his own fashion line not too far in the distant future.


Congratulations to the fantastic Mayor Stubbs of Talkeetna, Alaska, who is celebrating his 15 years as the sleepy town’s mayor. Mayor Stubbs puts every mayor to shame as he celebrates his 15 years as the head of Talkeetna, especially when you consider that Stubbs is a cat. Residents weren’t impressed with any of the candidates running for mayor so they established a campaign for the 15 year-old part Manx when it was born. Stubbs is one of the longest-serving mayors in America and may possibly be the best. A round of ap-“paws” for the 15 year old feline (pun proudly made by myself there).


Sick of the rain? Naw way, it’s here to stay and shines up yer shoes right nice. But if you want an escape, the best brand and hangover cure to come out of Scotland, Irn-Bru, has come to save 10 of us! The drink giant is offering to take ten lucky juice slushers to BRU Island which to everyone else is the Cape Verde Islands off the west coast of Africa!
Get juiced!


Ever wished you could pick the brains of some of those people behind re-touching the images that appear in magazines and adverts? Given public discussion over the past few years, about the slimming down celebrities and models who appear on the pages of publications such as Vogue and Elle or in adverts for designer brands, re-touching is a controversial and contemporarily relevant topic. Yet apparently not all of those involved adhere to the ideals they are assumed to promote; unachievable beauty created through a computer programme, rather than occurring naturally. Amy Odell, a professional re-toucher, gives us her take on the industry in a blog on But be warned – she dishes out some home truths about mascara advertising that you may not want to know if you have just spent the best part of a day’s wage on the latest tube from YSL!