Get Wet ‘n’ Wild With Our Friday Hot Shots

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Got the January blues and fancy a career change?
In what reeks of self promotion, UK tour operator First Choice has advertised possibly the best job on the planet – a waterslide tester!
The lucky applicant will get to travel the world and visiting waterparks to rate their slides – all the while enjoying free travel and luxury accommodation with a £20,000 salary.
The catch is you must be ‘comfortable in swimwear’ and ‘happy to get wet at work’.

Aspiring slide testers can apply at:


The greatest pleasures are often the simplest things in life. This video is just seven seconds long with no slick production values or star quality. Yet it makes me smile every time I watch it. Enjoy.


Will Ferrell’s co founded comedy video site, Funny or Die, hit the 5 million follower milestone earlier this week – what a triumph. Want to know his secret? Well, he doesn’t really have one. But in an appropriate Ferrell fashion, he blasts the social media site and fires the intern. For a Will Ferrell put down I’d put myself in the firing line, take one for the team.
As well as five million Twitter followers, Funny or Die has almost two million Facebook fans and rocks up with another 370,000 followers on its Tumblr blog.


One of the best things about Facebook, surely, is that it is free. This seems to be working out better for the user than the creator however, as recent media mumblings state the site is in need of new revenue streams. And if enough people fancy bending founder and creator Mark Zuckerberg’s ear, the site may have to search for streams no further, as it now costs $100 to send the man behind the magic a private message. In tests carried out by the Mshable team, from multiple accounts, it appeared to be that users only got this message if they were not one of Zuckerberg’s 16 million followers. Facebook observers will recognize this as a variant on the $1 pay-to-message plan that the social network has been experimenting with for months.


So one of my biggest musical loves of 2012, Avicci is planning on a worldwide musical takeover this year. The Swiss producer and DJ is heading up a diverse musical crowd sourcing project where he is encouraging people from all over the world to submit their melodies which will be fused with baseline, rhythm, break and effects to make one massive track. I can’t wait to see how this turns out!