Get The Friday Feeling With Our Top Five


Get The Friday Feeling With Our Top Five


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The UK has gone crazy for Royal Wedding memorabilia, the latest being this Kate Middleton doll which launched today at Hamleys. Created by Arklu the doll features Kate’s signature blow dry and infamous blue Issa dress. Not sure that if I was a little girl I would be rushing out to buy one, but I suppose all little girls want to be princesses and Kate really does capture this in a way which is more attainable than the make believe world of the princesses captured in Disney and Barbie magic. Dolls cost £34.95 and £1 from every sale goes towards the Help for Heroes charity. Check out the Telegraph’s picture of the Kate Doll outside Buckingham Palace – could almost be mistaken for the real thing…..well maybe not!

LOL IN OED (Linsay)

The acronym LOL made popular by email, text and social media speak has now been added to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). An abbreviation of Laugh Out Loud, is described in the dictionary as an interjection “used chiefly in electronic communications…to draw attention to a joke or humorous statement or to express amusement.” Whilst it is an item of everyday use and its canonisation is part of the obvious trajectory of the English language which now contains an abundance of literary terms we never had before such as Disney and Internet, there are others who think that it signals the ‘death of the dictionary’ For me rather than being about its place in the dictionary, it instead signals a significant change in the way we communicate – electronic communication especially through social media is become more and more prevalent in today’s society.


It’s easy to forget that home video gaming has only been around for the last 30 years – and even easier to overlook how dramatically the games themselves have changed in that time.From the early years of Pong and Donkey Kong all the way up to Grand Theft Auto and Halo, console games have shaped the upbringings of generations of people across the world.Here, MSN lists the top 30 games of the last 30 years, including some of the most famous and popular characters ever put into pixels.


Smart advertising types have come up with a novel scheme for people feeling the pinch on their budget – get your mortgage for letting your house be used as a giant billboard.  Aszookie says they’ve had more than 1000 applications on the first day of the offer.


A reunion event is to be held this evening in Dingwall, for 19 Beatles fans who attended the pop foursome’s worst ever gig at which just 19 people turned up – a far cry from the thousands of people they played to when they shot to fame. Is hard to imagine that the bands who have been dubbed the most popular band in the world could ever have had such a poor turn out – but it just goes to show that you have to start somewhere!