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Get that Friday Feeling With Our Five Links

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Well it’s no surprise that BOO the Pomeranian has five million likes on Facebook as he is probably the cutest dog in the world but also his mum works for Facebook. As a renowned publisher of his own book collection ‘Boo- the life of the cutest dog’, his owner went to great lengths to keep her identity secret as she wanted Boo to get all of the royalties. Now it has been revealed that she is a Senior Executive in Facebook’s finance department which has led people to realise where Boo’s popularity has stemmed from. Don’t think this will damage his rep; after all he has probably just scored some more free PR!


I don’t know why, but this story seemed to catch my eye this morning. It’s been reported that Vietnamese officials have fined a budget airline for having beauty contestants in bikini-tops dance aboard a plane without authorisation. Tuoi Tre newspaper reported that the VietJetAir airline was fined 20m dong ($956; £611) for the Hawaiian-themed dance on its first flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang. Officials claimed the reason for the airline being fined was because they had “violated local aviation regulations”. It was reported that some passengers on board the flight recorded a ‘sexy dance’ which was performed by the crew, on their mobile phones – although VietJetAir stressed that the phones were used while in safe mode. Really, I just think this is a PR stunt which has cost them money, but gained the airline a huge amount of publicity. Job done.                                            A video of said dance, can be found here:


Last night, Edinburgh’s most iconic extinct volcano was lit up in a spectacular light show for the opening event of the Edinburgh International Festival.200 volunteer runners dressed in special LED suits took to Arthur’s Seat to perform a piece of public art to amazing effect.The event will run every night for three weeks and is one of four national projects commissioned by the Legacy Trust UK’s Community Celebrations programme which aims to build a lasting legacy from London 2012, and is run by NVA.Check out the below gallery for some incredible photos from last night’s light extravaganza. ​


Did you know that Oreo is 100? Nope neither did I. Well to celebrate this amazing mile stone the cookie brand has launched ‘Oreo’s daily twist project’ which is designed to celebrate different major milestones this year. The latest to be honoured was the Mars curiosity landing. Oreo commemorated the event with filling their delicious biscuit with a red filling. I think it’s quite a clever campaign. Pity they missed my birthday!


Most of us (I resist saying all, as last time I did my Director Scott pointed out he had never heard Gautier’s ‘Someone I Used to Know’) have seen, or at least heard of, the youtube video called ‘Double Rainbow’. In this delightful clip a man, off camera, is overcome with joy as he sees a double rainbow. After the video went viral earlier this year, Double Rainbow man, Paul Vasquez, appeared in an advert for New Balance ‘Rainbow Shoes’ – without his permission! Vasquez was not amused and he quickly established email correspondence with to voice his displeasure. To see how this conversation went click on this link!​