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Man’s Best Friend (Jaydine)

Dogs to the rescue! Introducing K-9 Parish Comfort dogs Maggie, Addie, Luther, Ruthie, and Isaiah the five golden retrievers which made their way around Boston last Wednesday visiting some of the 176 victims of Monday’s marathon attack. The comfort dogs are highly trained service dogs but are focused on providing emotional support from K-9 Parish Comfort Dogs which is based in Chicago. The five dogs spent were petted and embraced by dozens of passers. If only every dog nationwide was trained comfort your needs emotionally!


Einstein the gold fish was unable to swim when he obtained a swim bladder disease. This would lead to him turning upside down and sinking to the bottom of the tank.  The owner, Leighton Naylor created a 2 inch long ‘life jacket’ for his pet made out of recycling tubing which fitted the goldfish’s body completely. Einstein struggled at first adapting to using his floating device but the owner made it ‘disability friendly’ for the fish. Who would’ve thought there would have been a fish that couldn’t swim!


A new study has found that that a person is twice as likely to check their phone if a friend does the same. The research was carried out at the University of Michigan and it also found out that women were more likely to use their phones than opposed to their male counterparts. The study suggests that the need to use a phone if you’re in the company of someone else who is doing so is acting on impulse.

Falls like Dominos! (Sarah)

Just when you want the new up to date iPhone 5 but can’t afford one just yet, Aatma Animation Studios know how to bombard it in your face, Showing a video which appears to be 10,000 iPhones falling like dominoes has go viral since its upload on the 17th of April, attracting over 1.8 m views. The San Francisco based company used just one iPhone and let the computer graphics do the rest. The whole sequence was an imagined as an advert for an NFC concept feature on the iPhone5. Grab me one of them, if only there was a free give away.


If you are an employee at the Bank of Korea, you now can from May have the chance to be wed inside the bank’s 200 seat auditorium with the walls hung with the portraits of former bank governors which was used in the 90’s for weddings – the event was stopped due to the lack of security. It has been reintroduced due to the fact that security is now of a satisfactory level. The appeal to these weddings are they are less costly and normally rather low key. In South Korea, public marriages and the idea of state involvement in personal affairs is much more common place.