Get Real With Our Web Hits

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Get Real With Our Web Hits

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I often partake in the odd cocktail to wind down after a busy week in the office, but I rarely recreate any concoctions at home, usually due to laziness and the fact they never taste as good!
This is where the ‘Inebriator’ steps in – a cocktail making robot that whips up a cocktail of your choice in seconds.
Another kitchen gadget doomed to end up in the cupboard alongside your neglected breadmaker, sodastream and smoothie machine? 


Under the ever watchful eye of the real Big Brother-Google Street Views-it seems no moment is left uncaptured!
Canadian artist Jon Rafman trawls the streets and takes screenshots of the best from the beautiful, thought provoking and downright outlandish!
Stray tigers, haunting forests to poverty stricken neighbourhoods are just a snippet of what he’s grabbed so far!


After Lewis’s high five yesterday about the state of Scotland’s health, I thought it was only right to offer a counter argument to confirm that we are not that bad. The US is definitely worse than us judging by these images of deep fried snickers bars and maple bacon doughnuts. As if these weren’t bad enough deep fried avocados, krispy Kreme glazed chicken sandwiches also make an appearance. I’m glad I’m eating healthy at the moment; these things are actually starting to make me feel ill!


Photos capture moments in our lives – and as so often happens we start to notice the effects of time on ourselves. Yes, you used to be thinner, hair used to be thicker, eyes used to be brighter. But imagine purposefully archiving that slow decay over 12 years . Well, New-York based photographer Noah Kalina has done just that. Intense.


Of course, the Holryood PR Facebook page is a thing of wonder – chock full of interesting stuff, videos, pictures and witty bon mots. However, most other corporate brands pages are mince. And this pardoy site does a brilliant job of taking the mickey out of them. The exhortation to “Like Our Page” might be a sly, tongue-in-cheek dig at gormless companies in thrall to  marketing morons, but it is done with such elan that I gave them the Like willingly. Marvellous fun.