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Like any wee nation, Scotland tends to really celebrated its infrequent sporting successes. Triple olympic gold medallist Chris Hoy, F1 champ Jackie Stewart, boxing world champ Jim Watt and the sadly departed rally legend, Colin McRae. Those names help us forget about the disappointments on the footbal and rugby pitches and Andy Murray’s failure to win a major so far. Now Scotland has a new world record holder. Check out the unexpected athleticism on Nibbles from Rosyth.

IPAD FEVER (Victoria)

Despite the new iPad only being fractionally different to it’s predecessor, people have once again gone bonkers in their bid to purchase the latest addition to the Apple family.
Fans spent up to five days sleeping on the street outside of the Regent Street store in London to be the first in the UK to get their hands on the new gadget until doors opened at 8am this morning.
Reviewers of the device have almost unanimously agreed the upgraded resolution is a ‘revelation’ but I’m not convinced, and I would certainly not be sleeping on the streets to get one!
Check out the photos of the nutters below:


As you all probably know by now I am a huge fan of 60’s drama Mad Men and absolutely dying to watch it when it comes back on our screens this month. The hype around the fifth series seems to be pretty huge with a number of various pr and social media activities planned to mark its return. As well as huge billboards in New York and even on some on planes, Sky has planned to only air adverts from the 60’s when the series hits the screens on March the 27th. People will be able to get nostalgic with old fairy liquid and Cadbury adverts. There will also be ads from the US which will put the shows content into perspective such as ads from American Airlines and Pringles. Oh I can’t wait!!!


Five lucky women who hold bachelor degrees and are fluent in Mandarin in China are set to defeat the major unemployment problem-as long as they are tall, educated, dignified, attractive and under 25!
Not at all specific-these are the conditions of a Chinese graveyard which is advertising for funeral attendant jobs. It may seem a sombre role but apparently includes a to die for benefit package including luxury accomodation and the opportunity to study at home and abroad.
Happy days and with it having a rep for being the biggest and the best in central and Eastern China, will it have graduates stopping dead in their tracks for a job. Ho ho ho!


Tom Pellereau, winner of last year’s Apprentice, has revealed his latest invention.  He’s been working 18 hour days for the past year, perfecting the product and trying to get it on the market.  If you watched the show last year, you’ll know that Tom was a real science buff who was interested in all things technical.  So it may come as a bit of a surprise that his latest invention is, in fact, a nail file.  A curved nail file nonetheless, which is apparently exactly what is missing from the market.  Maybe I’m missing something and he’ll make a fortune from this product, but I think for someone who is being paid £100,000 a year and working with one of Britain’s top businessmen, he should be coming up with more groundbreaking inventions than a wavy nail file.