Gatts Shine in Daily Express Thanks to Holyrood Partnership PR in Scotland

by Holyrood PR

Friday, July 24th, 2009

Holyrood Partnership in Edinburgh, PR in Scotland for GattsThe Daily Express has reported how Gatts traditional crafts is keeping the historic art of furniture restoration and French polishing alive by training up the under 30s to become master craftsmen.

The paper featured Gatts employee Emma Duff, 24, who joined the company after studying Fine Arts, and now restores and repairs furniture using techniques perfected centuries ago.

The Daily Express said: “Gatts is dispelling the notion of the stereotypical elderly craftsman with the majority of its staff being under or around 30, including one female trainee, Emma Duff.”

The full article appeared in the Daily Express and was a direct result of a public relations strategy by Holyrood Partnership, PR in Edinburgh.

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