Hyper Luminal junior QA tester Scott Burt (left) and QA Tester Phoebe Anderson

Gaming developers tie-up with independent living experts is a social care PR success story

Blackwood Media Coverage

Gaming developers tie-up with independent living experts is a social care PR success story

Blackwood Media Coverage

Life-changing health app is a step into the future that cracks the code of media success

Social care PR photography shows the major media coverage gained for revolutionary tech

When a Dundee-based studio designed a revolutionary app to turn everyday life in to an entertaining tech adventure our Scottish PR agency knew it was a story worth sharing.

Complete with a unique on-screen avatar character, which takes in to account the medical, health and mobility needs of an individual, the MyLife app is being rolled out as a part of Scottish housing specialists, Blackwood’s, transformative Peoplehood Project.

Our story spotting and story telling skills made sure the potential was fully unlocked and as a result delivered amazing exposure for our client, Blackwood, including

The Peoplehood project aims to create the blueprint for independent living through three specially designed, age-friendly communities in Glasgow, Dundee and Morayshire.

The app, developed by Dundee-based company, Hyper Luminal Games, is a crucial aspect of the £12.5m project to future-proof intendant living, keeping residents informed on local events, and gaining an understanding of the user’s daily schedule so as to suggest tasks which encourage mobility, as well as motivating users to take part in community activities.

Our social care PR team knew such an important technological innovation deserved to be shared. We spoke with Stuart Martin, CEO of Hyper Luminal Games, to gain more in-sight in to how the Mylife app was co-created with the help of Blackwood residents.

We also spoke with Fanchea Kelly, Chief Executive of Blackwood to find out more about how the app works and how it will improve the mental and physical health of residents.

The media coverage achieved was of huge value to Blackwood, with features in top National publications, showcasing its revolutionary ideas and compassionate values to a huge audience of potential new clients looking for care for a loved one.

This was further assisted by the trade and specialist media features, all of which help to emphasise that Blackwood is a leading name in the social care sector.  Meanwhile, the regional coverage was helped Blackwood to build positive relationships with the local communities it works in.

Find out more about the MyLife App:

Gaming gurus turn everyday life into exciting digital challenge

To find out more about Peoplehood visit: https://www.blackwoodgroup.org.uk/peoplehood

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