Fun Run – Benefits of Jogging


Fun Run – Benefits of Jogging


Three cheers for lunchtime running!

As I pulled on my trainers this lunchtime for a swift lunchtime jog I could see my colleagues looking at me as if I was half mad.

Perhaps if Holyrood PR was based next to a sandy beach in OZ rather than in wet and windy Leith they might find my dinner break pastime a little more appealing.

But despite the unpredictable weather and less than scenic landscape there are a number of benefits to a quick run round the block.

Research suggests physical exercise boosts brain function, improves your mood and helps to increase learning capability.

To quote Dr. John J. Ratey, clinical associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School –

Exercise is one of the best ways to maximize brain activity.

Physical exercise helps to increase the cerebral blood flow and levels of a brain cell growth hormone.

  • Exercise also has a positive effect on mood-altering brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters.

Bupa agrees. They said –

Exercise keeps the mind healthy – as well as the body – and fight the effects of agingaging on brain function.

Exercise has short- and long-term beneficial effects in improving brain function, slowing age-related cognitive decline, and reducing the risk of dementia.

Exercise raises mood and self-esteem, improves sleep and relieves stress.

A single run at lunch time is enough to lower your stress levels.

So basically a lunchtime run is good for your mind, which, well, has to be good for your work.

Day one down.

Will wait and see if the trainers accompany me to work on Monday.