From QMU to HPR: My first two weeks at an award winning PR agency

by PR Interns

Wednesday, December 18th, 2019

Holyrood PR has given me the real life experience you don’t quite get in the classroom

My first two weeks at an award winning PR agency | Edinburgh PR

By Rowann Innes

Public Relations, a dynamic and fast paced industry? It definitely looks that way, although what’s life at an agency really like?

That was the question I had been asking myself. As the final year of my University course draws to a close and the real world of work approaches, it seemed timely to jump in with both feet to gain new and valuable experience.

What better place to do so than Holyrood PR, Edinburgh-based agency and all round success story.

At this point in my studies I have completed short internships in other places, and as expected each time varies somewhat.

If you had asked me two weeks ago what to anticipate from a PR placement, I would have said it might be necessary to learn how to embrace the role of office minion. Well Holyrood PR has truly proven me wrong.

Any nerves or trepidation about what was to come were quickly thrown out the window. From day one I was trusted and given responsibility over my work.

In my first weeks here, I am yet to make the tea. Standard intern jobs do not apply.

Within minutes I was sent out alongside two of the team to help with a brilliant interview and video shoot, which later made UK news.

From that point my time has consisted of a diverse array of tasks which instead of being randomly assigned, actually contribute to achieving client success.

Despite being incredibly busy, the team at Holyrood are entirely helpful, recognising at this point I am no PR pro but actively helping me get there.

Committed to cultivating my existing skills and allowing development of new ones, they are continuously presenting me with a range of different projects which I can engage with.

This confidence in my ability has resulting in feeling genuinely valuable to the team – not to mention a busy schedule makes the dreaded 9-5 fly past.

Holyrood PR has so far provided me with the perfect insight into life in the sector. It’s a place where hard work is paramount, but creativity and dynamic team interaction make it an extremely rewarding environment.

Knowing all that I’ve experienced in the first wee while, I can’t wait to see what is in store for the rest of my time here.


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