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Naked man risks croc death for booze

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An Australian man near stark bullock naked apart from an all important sun hat, laughed in the face of danger as he took a bet to paddle across a crocodile-infested river on a log all in the name of scoring two cases of bourbon. Seems a pretty logical state of affairs and he gets to guzzle down all that booze with all limbs firmly secured. Beats any Truth or Dare contests I’ve been involved in and to be honest there haven’t been many, although he did admit the idea didn’t seem so clever once the reality seeped in the next morning. But he’s got two cases of Jack Daniels so he can freely wash away the reality once again.I might dare a pal to cross the water of Leith for a crate of Buckfast, the only danger being a few mental ducks.


We’ve all heard the phrase, a Kodak moment but you can’t beat these incredible 30 snaps catching some amazing scenes. From explosions, comets screeching through the sky, lightening striking the ocean and mid-air bird feeding, this compilation of photographs has it all when it comes to that perfect shot. Have a look down this to list to see many wonders that people are rarely able to capture and how incredible both nature and timing can be. My favourite has to be the guy away to splash through water but manages to snap the second before he goes through. Have a swatch through the images and tell us what your favourite is.


The folk at Buzzfeed have compiled a list of some of the most sunningly beautiful places on earth. So beautiful in fact, that it’s almost difficult to believe they even exist. Unfortunately, Scotland has been omitted from the 28 strong list but the images are breath taking. From the most unusual looking Camel Thorn Trees in Namibia to the striking Blue Dragon River in Portugal – these places are definitely going on my list of things to do before I die. 


If you ever get a bit distracted at work why not spice it up a bit with a make-over like this office did? It’s been decked out with a giant helter-skelter, a pool tables, a tree house and even a pub. Don’t forget about the giant swing and the putting green for some daily exercise too of course. Office designers Space & Solutions are responsible for this fabulous creation which involved turning a former pub in Southampton into the home for Peer 1 Hosting, an IT company. If you don’t believe how amazing it looks, then take a look for yourself. But if your boss doesn’t agree that your office needs a slides and tree house, then just explain that this IT company has already noticed that performance has gone up.


This topic is something sci-fi films are made of – the concept of reading our dreams. Before you cry out in fear and create some sort of tinfoil night hat to guard our grey matter, it’s not quite something out of the blockbuster hit, Inception – we’re not quite at the manipulation stage. But reading dreams has come a step closer to reality after scientists predicted the content of images in the heads of napping volunteers. Thanks to experiments carried out in Japan, we could be on track to unlock the secrets of the dreamer which could potentially be used for psychological therapy and sleep research.For a start, I’d love to see what the socially Japanese folks dream about, they’re daily lives are something dreams are made of at times – bonkers. I’ve often wondered if there’d be a way of plugging something into our brain which could throw up the images onto a live screen. Now that would be cool, especially for those corkers that seem to manifest themselves after you’ve briefly woken and fallen back asleep. Watch this space.