Friday’s Megamix Of Web Highlights

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Friday’s Megamix Of Web Highlights

Holyrood PR Blog

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The news is constantly filled with stories of people being lured down into the murky depths of the web by internet trolls concealing their true identities! Check out this video clip which puts a humorous spin on what ultimately is a serious issue!
It shows a cat using the identity of a mouse to woo a fellow rodent into a meeting to trap the pure mite! But all is not as it seems…


I’ve been keeping with my football themed high fives this week and this video caught my eye. My hat goes off to whoever spent all this time playing about with the special effects in editing to turn these football celebrations into SUPER football celebrations. This video has accumulated over 1 million views in less than 3 days, which is phenomenal. In the video we see the likes of Wayne Rooney celebrating after a goal and in this video he has been transformed into having fire on his back and screaming. Then as Rooney skids on the floor the fire goes out. I am impressed with the immaculate timing that these effects were put into place and I know that these things are very time consuming. Why can’t goal celebrations be like this in normal games?


Now I don’t quite know why, but I find this advert laugh out loud funny, so much so I can’t now look at scotch eggs in the same way. I think it’s the combination of old man face-painted faces on picnic food, the jaunty jingle and general weird-voiced jabbering. It helps that the comic timing is spot on. My favourite ‘character’ has to be the grumpy scotch egg (in my head he is called Burt). As an advert it ticks every box – it makes you laugh, it’s snappy and it’s advertising a ‘diet’ product. Even though I hate (and I mean HATE) rice pudding – I am sorely tempted to try it. It is creamy but naturally low in fat, after all.


As my two week work placement at Holyrood PR comes to a close today it’s time for me to reflect on my learning experience here.  On my time here I have gained valuable work experience and met some great people as well as contributed to the company while creating an impressive portfolio of work.  I would like to pass on these top five tips for PR interns that I found useful for getting the most out of my work placement.


The best thing about YouTube, for me, is that you can just sit and flick through hundreds of videos related to the one you initially searched for. Last night I came across a video which I thought was worthy of a mention in the Holyrood High Fives. In the video we have a guy called Benny who, if you have seen the Axis of Awesome will recognise him, and is playing a Melodica (keyboard you blow into to make music). In the video, Benny plays every hit he liked in the ’90s in one go. See how many of them you can recognise!