Friday’s Frivolous Yet Fascinating Web Finds

by Sarah Drummond

Friday, January 18th, 2013

T Mobile Welcome Home

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Who can forget T-mobile’s flashmob campaign that began in 2010? Well, it seems that the clips have been rediscovered as it seems every time I’ve logged in to Facebook the past few days this Welcome Home video has been top of my news feed. I don’t know how I missed this the first time round to be honest. Filmed at Heathrow’s Terminal 5, the impressive commercial was made using just vocal performers and no instruments. Another genius stunt from Saatchi & Saatchi London, it would almost bring a tear to your eye.​


Despite the general moral outrage at the discovery of horsemeat in burgers sold in Iceland and Tesco, among others, a charity are now morally outraged at how the debacle is to be handled. The UK’s Food Ethics Council said that any meat fit for human consumption should be given away free, not destroyed. As a result of the discovery the destruction of 10 million burgers is planned as the supermarkets supplying the products, which come from 3 different processing plants in England and Ireland, have already taken them off their shelves. It’s an interesting concept, and I have to say I agree with the charity. After all, as my Director pointed out to me, the French eat horsemeat, and their cuisine is one of the most celebrated in the world.​


We all use rubber bands at some point in our working life. Some of us use them everyday even. But, usually we do not use them for anything but holding things together. But what about if they were used to lift a car? I know what you are thinking. Of course not, they can barely even stretch when we put them round objects without snapping at our fingers. But then again, you must be thinking, if there is a video about it, then surely it must be true…

Well check out the amazing video on YouTube that shows you how to use rubber bands to an even better use.


Last week saw the annual Consumer Electronics Show hosted in Las Vegas which showcases the hottest new gadgets. In previous years such revolutionary products as the CD player, DVDs and the XBox were launched at the show, and so it is hotly anticipated.
This year, some very interesting gadgets emerged which probably won’t change your life but are pretty fun all the same!
How about an iPhone case that charges your phone? A GPS tracker which can be attached to any device? Or a phone with a battery that lasts 15 years?
Take a look at these and more on Flavor Wire’s highlights of the show.​


Subway diners are taking measuring tapes with them to make sure they are getting what they are paying for. The famous foot-long subs have come under scrutiny as internet postings are revealing that diners are being left short of at least an inch of bread. An outraged eater posted his findings on the Subway Facebook page, and asked for an explanation, to which the post was removed, and I am unsure what their response was. This does seem like crumby treatment by the sandwich chain.


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