Friday’s Frivolous Yet Fascinating Web Finds

by Sarah Drummond

Friday, December 7th, 2012

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BREAK UP SONG (Victoria)

I can’t say it would be my reaction when going through a break up, but this touching song produced by a newly split couple is rather cute.
Jonathon and Ivory recently made the decision to break up and they decided to tell the world about it through a music video, as you do.
It is an incredibly catchy tune – be prepared to dance in your chair to lines like “I don’t wanna have baaaabies” over and over again!


As an avid Disney fan I was delighted when I stumbled across an article on entitled ‘17 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”‘. And the contents did not disappoint. Not only had I managed to miss the presence of Donald Duck, Goofy AND Mickey Mouse among the crowd of sea people when King Triton enters, but also missed the fact that Ursula’s spell on Ariel contains Latin references to “throat,” “voice,” and “fish.” The article also highlights the real people behind some of the animator’s fictional creations. An enlightening experience for all Little Mermaid fans, this comes as a recommended read from me.​


Looking for present ideas for that hard-to-buy-for person who already has everything? Well in that case, I am your saviour, and shall point you to’s list of top five gadget innovations of 2012. True, some of these are not yet on the market in their finalised form, but they are surely destined to impress whoever wrips the wrapping paper off them come the morning of the 25th. As a gift they should guarantee eternal love from the recipient (bear this in mind come ‘time to choose a designated driver for New Years eve’). From Google glassed to Lytro, the ‘oddball’ camera, this list should have at least one thing for the least favourite person on your Christmas list.​


Russian photographer Andrew Osokin has got up close and personal with snowflakes. Using his photography skills this photographer has taken ‘mind-blowing’ shots of snowflakes which are usually impossible to see properly. I have always appreciated the beauty of snowflakes but these pictures take it to a whole new level.


If you thought pets were fairly pampered already, then you are wrong. Take a look at this link to see how well you can really treat you pet pals with a variety of things including beds, clothing and even exercise equipment. My personal favourite has to the inflatable cat unicorn horn, because as it says on the box “cats love it.”


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