Friday’s Frivolous Yet Fascinating Web Finds

by Sarah Drummond

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

Russell Brand Youtube

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Russell Brand has forever been a controversial comedian, and I myself have found my admiration for him ebbing and flowing over the years. Well, lets just say, my admiration is at high tide (a good thing) after viewing Russell’s interview of members of the Westboro Baptist Church. It is always a tricky situation, arguing with religious fundamentalists, usually because the entire discussion is based upon an acknowledgment/understanding of their basic religious beliefs. If it were me, I would answer every question or point made about specific religion, or the concept of religion in general, by demanding a from-the-beginning explanation. I’m sorry, you’re a Chris what? Can you explain this to me? A man in the sky you say….?! Anyway, I digress – Russell dealt with the fanaticism very well, despite feeling the need (being on American TV show) to bring the argument back to the fact that religion preaches love and tolerance above all. If this were really the case, and if humans took it this way, the world would be a far nicer place to live. Probably.


So as we all gear up for the most wonderful time of the year, people will either be ecstatic or angry to see the famous Coca Cola advert on our screens already. However what people may not have known about the drinks giant is that it has released a clothing line for fall/winter 2013. From glittery jumpers to bright floral prints, Coke’s eccentric line of garments is sure to keep the most fashion conscious of people standing out for next year.


In the days of Twitter, Facebook, email and text messages, it’s hard to imagine that pigeons were once used as a means of communication.
But a recent find has reminded us of the importance of the flying couriers, as Britain’s expert code-breakers are yet unable to interpret the secret code attached to the leg of a dead World War II pigeon.
David Martin was renovating the chimney of his Surrey house when he came across the remains of the deceased bird. Fastened to its leg was a red canister containing a thin piece of paper bearing ‘Pigeon Service’ at the top and containing 27 handwritten coded blocks.
The message was passed on to British intelligence agency GCHQ, who have so far been unsuccessful in deciphering it and are now appealing for more information.
To see if you can crack the code, visit the link below:



There has been quite a lot of speculation in the media recently about the role social media platforms, in particular Facebook and Twitter, play in the breaking of news stories. Just the other day a famous name broke the news of her divorce via Facebook, an act seen as a conscious rejection of traditional press routes. But maybe it’s now just what comes naturally – updating our status on our own media platform. In a sense every one of us now has access to our own news channel, dedicated to just us, if we wish. The Drum’s recent article entitled ‘PR and the use of Twitter: the best way to break news and engage?’ tackles this contemporary issue with the conclusion that Twitter is what people make it – it can be a news station for those concerned with breaking their own news, reaching people they may not otherwise reach.


Scotland to a T (Lauren)

Scotland’s national brewery, Tennent’s Lager, has unveiled its highly-anticipated new pint glass in time for St Andrew’s Day.

The brewer received over 3000 entries, embarked on a nationwide tour and whittled the ideas down to 36 winning comments for the limited-edition pint glass that celebrates Scottish culture.

The ‘Scotland to a T’ campaign started in the summer when Tennant’s asked the public what makes them smile most about Scotland, in order to sum up the nation in a few phrases.

The final glass features a proud, comedic and touching combination of words, showing why the Scots love their homeland.

National treasures including the ‘Tartan Army’ and ‘The Big Yin’ sit alongside patriotic phrases such as ‘a nation of innovators’ to more funny comments featuring ‘where umbrellas go to die!’.

As part of St Andrew’s Day celebrations, displays featuring the pint glass’ quotes and images will be shown in selected pub windows across Scotland. The glass will also be able to buy from from 1st December at a cost of £6.50.

To read more on this story, visit:​

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