Friday’s Feast of Links


Friday’s Feast of Links

High Five

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For the past few year’s now Cadbury has been coming up with some fantastic ads based around some of the nations best loved songs – think Phil Collins performed by a Gorilla on the drums. In its latest offering, Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger gets the chocolate treatment all in aid of showing Cadbury’s support for team GB at this year’s Olympics. The ad features three of the UK’s top athletes from Glasgow, London and Liverpool as well as members of the public who have teamed together at radio stations across the country to sing a motivating song to get the athletes pumping during their training. Admittedly its not as good as eye catching as some of the other ads, but it still contains that sense of fun that the Cadbury brand encapsulates as well as capturing the support of the nation for team GB.


Those who have always thought they’d make a brilliant surgeon after playing Operation may think again… after doctors revealed exactly what goes on during open-heart surgery on Twitter.A team from Memorial Hermann Northwest Hospital, Houston posted tweets, pictures, and video clips during the routine coronary bypass on Tuesday morning.Some of the footage was taken by Dr Michael Macris, who led the procedure on the 57-year-old male patient while wearing a helmet cam.


I’m going to shamelessly link to my own blog post today. I was spurred into writing after reading this morning’s Metro all about the ‘copycat’ jewellery row between Tatty Devine and Claire’s Accessories. Mainly because I covered the same story (with different names) almost a year ago.Isn’t it ironic that Tatty Devine’s PR people have shamelessly ripped off an earlier social media case to bring someone to book for, er, shamelessly ripping off their jewellery. Excellent piece of social media PR by the Tatty Devine people.


There was a campaign a couple of years ago by London based homeless charity Depaul who developed a very powerful app named I-Hobo. The app was designed to be tamagotchi like in the sense you would control the life of a homeless person by deciding when they would eat, sleep or try to get into work. If you didn’t play the app for some time the homeless person’s life deteriorated. It was to show that if you don’t try and support the homeless there can be damaging effects. It now seems that there is app which is opposite of this called Hunt the hobo. It has rejected three times by apple but is still available on Google’s android market. The app has been deemed in quite bad taste, so much so they are thinking of changing the name to simply photo slap.


An exotic venomous spider has been found by an unsuspecting shop worker in an Edinburgh branch of Asda. The spider from Columbia was found nestled in between bananas as the worker put them on display. Fascinatingly, these spiders can survive long journeys by shutting down and only begin to waken when they warm up. What I love about this story is that all the male workers ran away scared and left a female shop worker to deal with it. She calmly put the spider into a plastic box. I must admit that if I had been there I would have joined the boys in making a run for it! She is one brave lady to go near a massive, deadly spider like that! Unfortunately, the poor spider died after it was taken to the Edinburgh Butterfly and Insect World. I only say ‘poor spider’ as it is nowhere near me!