Friday’s Favourite Five


Friday’s Favourite Five


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We all know about the current internet craze of planking, where people try to one-up each other by taking photos of themselves lying down in bizarre locations. It’s broken into the mainstream and is – depending on your viewpoint – either a brilliant idea or the most stupid thing you’ve ever seen.

However, I’ve now discovered a new website that I hope will lead to a craze just as popular. Not because it’s as ridiculous a concept as planking is, but rather because it’s phenomenally artistic and creative.

Called Dear Photograph, the idea is to hold up an old photo against the location where it was taken, in order to create a “window on history”. Although it’s been done before with historic photographs, this is the first time I’ve seen it done with normal, everyday snaps and already the site is starting to get submissions from posters around the world. Check it out.


A real life Chuck Noland exists in the world today. If you don’t know who Chuck Noland is, perhaps you might recognise the name Tom Hanks? Tom Hanks starred in the movie Cast Away in 2000 where he found himself stranded on an island but manages to survive by using whatever he can find on the island, including remnants from his crashed plane site. A similar story has emerged where a man has been living in isolation for 26 years where he built his own home using driftwood and washed-up timber while his furniture consists of hammocks made from fishing nets. The only difference is, he chose to live here and wasn’t so much ‘stranded.’ Sadly, however, the now 63-year-old has been told that he has to leave his home of 26 years because it is illegal. I hope they gave this clearly harmless man a chance and let him live in the home that he built and loves so much.


After trying a number of creams in an effort to get rid of unsightly warts on his hands, this 38 year old man decided that he had no option but to blast them off with a shotgun.  Unfortunately his unconventional wart removal method backfired, and he subsequently blew half of his finger off in the process.  And if that’s not enough, the poor chap almost landed himself in jail on firearms charges for illegally possessing a shotgun.  What will he do if he gets a veruca?


I want a pair of these so badly.

Designed by a company called Adafruit Industries, these “iCufflinks” are clearly the coolest accessory for any self-respecting nerd or technology aficionado. I mean, just look at them – they glow in the dark and look like the power buttons on your computer. That’s brilliant.

Admittedly the $128 price tag is a bit on the pricey side but they’d certainly be a talking point and – potentially – a great way to help break the ice at networking or business events. And anything that lets you profess your inner nerd in such a subtle yet awesome way should definitely be encouraged.


If you’re a fan of space, pretty pictures and something a bit different then this is a photograph just for you. These recent photographs have been taken of Britain from 230 miles away in space by 54-year-old Italian astronaut Paulo Nespoli. I can’t promise that you’ll be able to see your house but you will be able to see a cluster of yellow and orange beauty. Of course, the brightest cluster of light comes from London however you can also see places like Edinburgh, Manchester and Dublin. I love pictures like these and I hope they will forever continue to be taken.