Friday’s Fascinating High Fives

by Sarah Drummond

Friday, May 31st, 2013

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I’m a bit slow on the uptake here as I’ve only just found out this research had taken place although I think it’s interesting to see the exact figures as it seems apparent that marriage does bring a lot of happiness to people’s lives. The ONS has found that being married is 20 times more important to a person’s well being than their income and 13 times more important than owning a home. The figures also show that having children has almost no impact on a person’s day to day happiness, although it does make them feel life is more worthwhile which surprises me as you’d feel it would have more of an impact. The ONS analysis was based on a survey of 165,000 people in which they were asked to rate their life in four areas: their contentment with life, how valuable they thought their life was as well as how happy and how anxious they felt. For the first time, the ONS has been able to use the data to rank the factors which contribute to happiness and well being – health and employment are the two most important factors with marriage or civil partnerships ranking in third. On a scale of 0 to 10, married people were on average 0.14 points happier than co-habiting couples, 0.3 points happier than single people and 0.4 points happier than those who were divorced or separated.


The 81 Euromillion lottery prize has been linked to an unclaimed ticket here in the UK. The prize money equivalents to four times the amount of our favourite, ‘someone like you’ singer, Adele. This ticket will put the winning Brit as the 908th richest person in the country. So we are urging you all to dig in your wallets, purses and back pockets-you may not have to go back to work on Monday.


When the Tansley family’s black cat, Princess went missing the worried owners looked all over for her – two weeks later they discovered the frightened cat trapped next to the engine block of their BMW car. Footage uploaded to YouTube by its owner, Julie Tansley, showed members of her family assisting in the rescue operation to ease Princess out. Ms Tansley said that the cat was “very skinny but alive and well” after its two week ordeal. “We are so lucky and relieved that she is alive,” she wrote on her YouTube page.


We all love a chuckle on a Friday. So we have decided to give you the list of the most ridiculous inventions. The inventions date back to the 1500’s, where a few of them are definitely questionable. A few include wooden swimsuits sported by four happy looking women. We think the smiles may be for the camera as it surely can’t be comfortable- the risk of splinters is also quite stressful. Another was a ‘drunk person scooper’. The shovel like contraption sits on the front of the car and was designed to catch drunk pedestrians on Paris’s roads in 1924. Not a bad idea? Our favourite however was a clip on skate. This was developed for the office mans commute to work in the winter. The gentleman could clip on his ice skate blade to his shoe, and then off he went.


The sun has been trying to feel its way through to the UK the last few weeks. Thank goodness. So we have decided it is time to hunt for this year’s sunglasses. With so many styles to choose from we have chosen our top 3 to help you with the decision process. There is a lovely nude and black pair sold in Urban Outfitters for only £15, we know that a bargain is hard to resist. However, a pair from DSquared2 has caught our eye. The embellished sunglasses very so current right now, the cluster of gems and the shape of the sunnies are getting us hot under the collar. They are retailing for £243, so we may have to start saving quick. The last pair we have chosen today is a gorgeous pair from Zara, a nice black and white monochrome style pair only costing us an affordable £19.99. We are chuffed with that. Hope this helps you choose your summer sunnies. Happy Shopping.



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