Friday Stories To Tickle Your Fancy

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Friday Stories To Tickle Your Fancy

Holyrood PR Blog
eBay page for American who is selling his entire life for over $3M

If you have a spare $3.5M to spend, or have a innovative idea you want to market, let us know via Facebook or Twitter.


I am always buying and selling on eBay and it’s safe to say I am slightly addicted! When I’m browsing the wares of the online auction site I have often come across some rather weird items – most recently a pair of used stockings and shoes that were worn by a KLM air hostess, complete with image of said items in action. Don’t ask what I was searching for! Anyway, if I thought that was crazy, this is even crazier – a man from Florida has put his ENTIRE life for sale, including his business, home, cars and even his dog! Shane Butcher, 29 is not selling everything as a result of a nasty divorce or because of debt – he just wants to see the world. If you have a spare £3.5 million you could live the American Dream!


Remember when you were a kid and your mum would make you say sorry for taking your friend’s toy/hugging them a little ferociously/pushing them in sand pit? Back then saying that one little word seemed like a big deal – a relinquishing of power that inevitably resulted in a smirk spreading across the wronged tot’s face, a acknowledging ‘well done’ from your mum and a resuming of play. Unfortunately as adults being forced to say sorry does not have quite the same affect. Especially when you are apologising for years of institutionalised sexual abuse and the systematic cover up of this abuse. So, when the Archbishop of Canterbury said sorry for just this, after a report made it impossible for him not to, my first thought was – please tell me someone is at least docking his pocket money?​


It seems that with all the doom and gloom that surrounds the recession; there is some good that’s come from it. From a random survey of 2,000 Brits which was carried out, a third of respondents claimed that the recession has increased the amount they were coming up with inventions and innovative, money-saving solutions. Moreover, a third of those with a bright idea were learning more from science and technology books to help refine it their ideas. Also discovered, was that one in 10 adults had looked into or applied for a patent in the last year. It’s nice to hear some positive news associated with the recession.


As the YouTube phenomenon keeps on growing more and more people are looking for ways to use the video site to make some easy cash. More and more people are beginning to document funny or important things in their lives on film and putting them on YouTube for the entire world to share. Everything from a hair tutorial to baby’s first crawl seems to be making ordinary people both famous online as well as making them a pretty penny and even a six figure sum for some. Wonder what I could do….


Everyone must be sick of the radio playing Gotye’s ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ constantly. With it being such a huge hit, YouTube went crazy with parodies, remixes and versions being produced by thousands of people. Now, someone has compiled all these versions into one video. This would have taken hours upon hours of editing to break this down but it is well worth it.