Friday Frolics From the Holyrood Team


Friday Frolics From the Holyrood Team

High Five

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I remember being young and wanting the latest Barbie or Cindy, sometimes I would want a spice girl doll or even a steps doll but I don’t ever remember wanting a politician doll. Kids who do however are in for a real treat with a new range of politician action figures being launched in America. Kids are ‘lucky’ enough to get their hands on a Sarah Palin, Hilary Clinton or even the top man Barak Obama. I have to say they are not the best replicas I have ever seen, the president looks more like a gangster in his cheap looking suit while his wife Michelle looks like a tranny. You better get them on your Christmas list now kids, they might sell out fast. 


It looks like this year’s Eurovision Song Contest may be the year of the golden oldies.  Shortly after 75 year old Engelbert Humperdinck was revealed as Britain’s entry for the competition, The Buranovo Grannies won the battle to represent Russia in the final event.  The group is comrpised of six women, aged between 50 and 76.  They competed against another 24 contenders to be the lucky winners and have the opportunity to sing for their country.  The song, which they wrote themselves is called ‘Party for Everybody’.  It’s certainly got that cheesy and irritating Eurovision feel to it, and as we all know from surprising results in the past, they have just as much chance of winning as anyone else!


Have you ever wondered what type of social media user you are? Do you like sharing content? Or do you prefer to direct people to your home page? Well this interesting analogy on PR and communications new site segments our social media usage, comparing it to characters from The Wizard Of Oz. According to the blog you can be a Dorothy which means you like to lead people to your home page; A Scarecrow sharing the knowledge you have with your followers; a Tinman with a heart portraying your emotions and finally a Cowardly Lion not afraid to speak with your customers. All of these social media characters bring value in their own special way but I would like to think that the best social media users combine qualities of all of these characters. Perhaps there should be a fifth character of the Wizard of Oz himself who incorporates all these into one engaging, shareable and valuable social media user.


Is there a right and a wrong way to make a bacon sandwhich? I believe there is as I like mine a certain way. However, I have never gone into as much detail as this article does about the right type of bread and extras. I have had many arguments with friends and families about what type of bacon to use and whether there is a real difference between smoked bacon and unsmoked. For me, it has to be smoked and crispy. 
So how do you make your perfect bacon sarnie? My perfect bacon sandwhich would be smoked back bacon, slowly cooked in the over (weird and time consuming I know) until any fat as gone crispy, thick toasted white bread/roll, little butter as I hate when the sauce and butter combine and a good helping of tomato sauce, washed down with a tea. 


This piece of news in Fast Company magazine blew me away – the global picture agency Getty Images is now licensing for sale photos taken on iPhone app Instagram by photographer Nick Laham. Apps like Instagram and sites like Pinterest mean businesses need to think photography more than ever.  At Holryood PR we’ve always known pictures have amazing power. We’ve arranged and taken thousands of eye catcing images to help businesses tell their stories. So in a shameless plug here’s a few of them. Enjoy (and let us know if you’d like us to help your business with pictures).