Friday Feasting Frights

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Friday Feasting Frights

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Human scarecrow

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Most of us come out of uni with high expectations of high flying jobs although I think those dreams in recent years have slightly diminished! But one British graduate has landed a job which may not initially scream dream job-a human scarecrow! The 22 year old finished in music and English from Bangor University and spends his working day fighting off partridges which killed the field’s plants!
You think acht what a waste of a degree, but no lays out his plot with a deckchair, his ukulele and some music-perfect!
Check out the video he made with his mates poking fun at his unlikely role! 


So, while most of Scotland will be focusing on ringing out their socks and precariously drying jackets on heaters, I decided I would give my attention to something more positive and forward thinking – Halloween. But not just the day itself – rather the very necessary accessory preparation that this obscure holiday entails – pumpkin carving. As an avid pumpkin carver, buzzfeed’s list of tips comes in handy, although certain tools, like a mallet, may take some sourcing…On the other hand, the pumpkin punch bowl should be easy to arrange, and will be making its debut at my up coming flat warming party…


Haitian water charity, Water Is Life, has released a hard hitting advert which presents the vast disparity between the rich and the poor, and trivialises the #firstworldproblems meme.
The campaign, produced by New York ad agency DBB, entitled ‘First World Problems Anthem’ has gone viral and has been tipped as the ad of the year for its clever spin on the popular Twitter hashtag.
The video features impoverished Haitians reading out real life tweets such as ‘I hate when my leather seats aren’t heated’ and ‘I hate it when my house is so big I need two wireless routers.
This is highly innovative charity campaign which has achieved over 1 million views in little over a week and is doing a good job at raising the profile of Water Is Life – bravo.


Did anyone else catch ‘Mean Girls’ last night? Ah Lindsay, where did it all go wrong? I don’t know anyone who didn’t like this film and pretty sure we can all recite a couple of its hilarious one liners! It’s showing on TV reminded me of this fantastic little blog in which Mean Girl quotes are used in reference to events in European History. Sound boring? Definitely not! Some of them are brilliant, and you might learn something. Have a giggle at these…


We have all seen and remembered the iconic female Chanel No. 5 adverts over the years. There has been Nicole Kidman in the Moulin Rouge inspired advert, Audrey Tatou on the train (my favourite) and Catherine Denevue’s classic performance in the 70’s. Ladies might be pleased to know that for the first time in 91 years the new ad will feature a man. And of course who else would it be but Mr Pitt. That could be very interesting.