Frantic Friday’s Holyrood Five

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Frantic Friday’s Holyrood Five

  BlogHolyrood 5

How Animals Eat Their Food

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If there was an award for the silliest, most pointless viral video on YouTube right now this one would most definitely trump them all. YouTube user MisterEpicMann, for reasons I cannot fathom, put together a clip of a human at the dinner table imitating how various different animals consume their food. Featuring alligators, kangaroo’s and even a T-Rex the video which has only been on line since Monday has almost racked up an unbelievable 13m views – in four days…seriously, am I missing something here? I don’t find it even slightly funny and on a side note why in the world are they drinking out of kids sippy cups?


Simple but effective is the theme of my high five today, couple with a little bit of historical class. Buzzfeed, ever the provider of fast acting good feeling and amusement, has created a list entitled ’17 Shakespeare Insults to Unleash in Everyday Life’. ‘Your virginity breeds mites, like cheese’ and ‘Away, you three inch fool’ (as a tall person I find this insult particularly appealing) have to be my top favourites, but there is something for most occasions. As its Friday, why not try them out at work, and if you feel like being competitive you can contend for best, spontaneous usage. To discover these gems, and to open your world to Shakespearian scorn, click the link below.


This man was caught stealing a mobile phone out of a woman’s pocket using chopsticks as she cycled down a busy street. Certainly an interesting tool to use for stealing! Wang Hongbo, 32, was caught by a passerby as the whole incident unfolded. As a result of his picture making the internet and print, Mr Hongbo handed himself in.


Most of us hanker after advice from the ones that know us best or sometimes you can’t beat a bit of Yahoo Answers. My Facebook feed is filled with wisdom inspired quotes from some philosopher, poet, lyrical genius or from looking at the stuff that’s unfortunately put my way – some jumped up gits. But many of us turn to the celebrities amongst us and Flavorwire has compiled a list from the craziest of the famous flock. To give you a taster, first up is William S. Burroughs whose advice to young people goes: “Beware of whores who say they don’t want money. In the long run, these are the most expensive whores what can be got.”Seems pretty sound advice. Remember that one kids, the upfront money grabbers are the best kind.


Photographs of screaming children. Sounds a bit sick but it’s actually hilarious to see these kids terrified from harmless pranks and have got the fear from almost everything. 18 images shown by The Sun of kids scared of creepy clowns, real-life lions and huge dogs should get you chuckling away. Afterall, it is Friday so you deserve a good laugh.