Forget the Lynx Effect, Nail Art Has the Minx Effect


Forget the Lynx Effect, Nail Art Has the Minx Effect


On starting at the Holyrood PR as a PR executive I swore to my journo mates that I wouldn’t become a ‘fluffy’ PR girl.  You know the type – ridiculous double-barreled name, swishy hair and super high heels.

My Colleagues at the Daily Record were forever moaning about girls called Chardonnay calling to ask to speak to someone at Daily Planet aka Superman. And so far I am please to report that I haven’t asked anyone at the Edinburgh Evening News if they would like to cover a fete opening in Orkney. (It could still happen – I’m not making any promises.)

However, it is hard when changing career from a journalist to PR executive not to get excited by the products offered by the clients you work with. And DollyLeo Apothecary, top beauty and skin care boutique in Edinburgh, is no exception.

So in true fluffy bunny style I spent my morning on behalf of the Holyrood PR having my nails done with new nail equipment for professionals by our fabulous client Dolly .

From 11 until 12 I spent an hour in the lap of luxury experiencing the latest nail fad to take the UK by storm – Minx.

Devon Robertson, nail technician at the Stockbridge store, carefully tended to my cuticles and filed my nails before applying the bootylicious Beyonce’s nail product of choice, which has just arrived in the UK all the way from the sunny shores of California.

Minx is being described as the must-have manicure of the moment. After a mini nail treatment a unique metallic film is applied to clean, buffed nails in a graphic art finish of your choice.  Print choices include snakeskin, metallic, polka dots, floral and nautical.

I opted for a brightly coloured floral print on my left hand and an array of prints – pink leopard skin, scary skull and bright silver – on my right.

What surprised me most though was the reaction when I got back into the office.

Hardened reporters turned Holyrood PR directors Scott Douglas and Raymond Notorangelo and account manager Adrian Mather seemed to be rather taken with my fancy talons.

As office manager Anne McCluckie and fellow executive Kirsty Taylor cooed over my pretty looking hands – the boys battled their way across the office to take a look.

Perhaps with great clients like DollyLeo Apothecary on the books it’s only natural we’ll all become a bit ‘fluffy’, and the boys might even be tempted into having a little leopard skin nail print of their own…