Football Crime Monitored Online

by Holyrood PR

Monday, April 25th, 2011

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You can find an online campaign for pretty much anything – whether it’s for a new communty building, for a political candidate or for changes in school dinners.

The internet is a powerful tool as we all know and unfortunately with its freedom comes a variety of opinions and views. With that in mind, police are targeting the people behind the online hate campaigns that run against players and staff at Rangers and Celtic football clubs.

Although yesterday’s title league match didn’t result in as much chaos as the last meeting, the increasing hostility is still visible, especially through the internet. Many can use Facebook or Twitter to express their opinion, so what can be done with those comments? Will someone be able to monitor each and everybody’s social media accounts?

There’s not just social media to contend with as even programs such as Photoshop can be used to create pictures which could be seen as offensive and of a sectarian nature.

So who should monitor online comments? The police? The website owners? The internet providers? Should online forums, social media pages and blogs be monitored the same way as newspapers and magazines are? Even if people are cut off for making unacceptable comments, what is going to stop them doing it again?

It was only a matter of time before the rivalry between the two clubs spilled online but this is a much harder problem of sectarianism to solve. It’s become very easy for someone to express their sectarianism views without any repercussions and unless a structured and official strategy is imposed to stop this, it will continue to no end.

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