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Edinburgh Café Announces new Queen of Stovies

Surgeons Quarter Press releases

Edinburgh Café Announces new Queen of Stovies

Surgeons Quarter Press releases

Café 1505 month of stovies draws to a close as hospitality institution announce the winner

Edinburgh Café Announces new Queen of Stovies - Food and Drink PR

AN EDINBURGH eatery ended its month of celebrating Scotland with the highly-anticipated announcement of their Queen of Stovies.

Café 1505 on Nicolson Street were delighted to name expat Lucy Grant as the winner of their 31 Days of Stovies competition, receiving a two-night stay at Ten Hill Place Hotel in Edinburgh’s Old Town as her prize.

The team of professional chefs at the café, managed by Surgeons Quarter, recreated stovies recipes sent in by members of the public, receiving some unorthodox entries including one with chicken and another with an Asian twist.

Lucy’s baked take on the traditional stovies recipe beat 30 other entries submitted to Surgeons Quarter over the month of January, topping the sales figures charts and receiving positive reviews.

22 year old, Lucy, from South East Kent, said: “I was delighted and shocked to find out that my recipe had been selected as Edinburgh’s favourite stovies. I moved to England over 10 years ago so this dish has become my little taste of home.

“It is amazing to hear that so many people who visited the café and tasted my recipe liked it so much, normally I only reach for it on special occasions but now I might need to give it more credit!

“I visit Scotland as often as I can as I still have lots of family members here. I feel very grateful to have won this prize as it will actually now enable me to come back for another visit this year which I didn’t expect!”

Café 1505 is owned by the Royal College of Surgeons (RCSEd) and owes its name to the year of the historic institution’s inception.

Scott Mitchell, Managing Director of Surgeons Quarter, said: “It’s remarkable what word of mouth can do. As an organisation we were amazed at the volume of applications we received from all across the United Kingdom.

“We’ve had lots of new faces popping into the Café thanks to the competition and our Facebook following has increased by over 20%. It’s been great to share the message behind the Café with a new audience this January.”

Alan Dickson, Executive Chef at Surgeons Quarter, said: “Lucy’s recipe was slightly unusual as it isn’t very common to bake stovies, however I have to say it was one of the best tasting recipes made.

“It has been an exciting month making all the wonderful and wacky stovies dishes. We have had everything from traditional to the extreme with the Chinese take on stovies sticking in my mind as one of the more unusual entries.”

Surgeons Quarter’s profits go towards the College’s charitable objectives of improving surgical standards and patient outcomes worldwide.

Café 1505 serves Equal Exchange’s Grown by Women coffee, which supports female farmers in Peru and Mexico.

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