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Tasty PR as Zesty New Ice Cream Flavour Hits Shelves

Mackie's of Scotland Press releases

Zesty New Mackie’s Ice Cream Flavour Gives Nod to Stocking Filler Favourite

Mackie's of Scotland Press releases

Natural oil from sweet and fresh Brazilian oranges is to give Mackie’s chocolate extra zest, as the firm’s latest seasonal ice cream flavour hits the freezer aisles.

Chocolate orange flavour is now available throughout autumn and winter for Scottish customers to enjoy – giving a seasonal nod to another sweet treat which is a much-loved festive stocking filler.

Tub of Mackie's ice cream with orange and chocolate segments surrounding itKirstin Mackie, from the renowned family firm based in Aberdeenshire, said: “We always listen to what our customers want and, ahead of the winter festivities, everyone was clamouring for a chocolate orange flavour.

“Chocolate oranges are already so closely associated with the festive season, it is a great fit for our newest seasonal batch as we head into the end of the year.

“It might not be ideal for stocking-stuffing, but we think fans will take the chance to make sure they have their freezers well stocked with it, as it is a perfect treat for this time of year and will make a delicious topping in a mug of hot chocolate.”

First available in Scottish Tesco stores, with a capacity to produce 50,000 litres a day, ice cream lovers needn’t worry about stocks running low on this limited edition flavour.

As well as all natural orange essence the ice cream will use Mackie’s own dark chocolate from its purpose-built chocolate factory at Westertown farm. The silky smooth ice cream will be given extra crunch with chocolate coated orange sugar nibs.

Kirstin added: “Brazilian oranges are a wee bit sweeter than some of the oranges we usually get in Scotland and we have a feeling they are going to be the next big foodie trend.

“Pairing them up with our rich dark chocolate and adding some crunchy orange nibs into the mix has made what I hope is a great product even better!
After the success of this summer’s seasonal special, Sicilian Lemon Meringue flavour, the family run firm carefully selected the new flavour from a number of customer suggestions.

Kirstin, along with sister Karin and brother Mac, are the fourth generation of the Mackie family to be involved in the business, which has its own dairy herd as well as four wind turbines and a huge solar farm, vital elements in the firm’s “sky to scoop” ethos.
The rise of the Mackie’s name as one of Scotland’s most recognisable food brands started in 1986 when the company responded to changes in the dairy market by launching ice cream production. Tubs of Mackie's Chocolate Orange ice cream surrounded by oranges.

The company is on course to sell £1million of chocolate over the coming year and the expanding range will further contribute to a burgeoning export book which already sees Mackie’s products on sale in global markets as diverse as Taiwan, South Korea, the Middle East and Australia.

Recent investment in the business – including creation of the chocolate factory and the opening of Scotland’s biggest solar farm – has topped £6m with attention on product development, infrastructure, innovation, staff and renewables to work towards their increased turnover target of £20m by 2020.

Find out more about the family business, which is a leader in the finest indulgent snacks and treats, at http://www.mackies.co.uk/


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