Food and Drink PR Photography, Mackie’s wind turbines surpass 100 million kWh milestone.

Food and drink PR story influences key decision-makers in Parliament

Mackie's of Scotland Media Coverage

Food and drink PR story influences key decision-makers in Parliament

Mackie's of Scotland Media Coverage

Team approached by MSP on the fantastic work carried out on behalf of Mackie’s of Scotland

ONE OF the fantastic things about a successful PR campaign is the unintended or unexpected benefits it throws up.

This shouldn’t be surprising – major media coverage, social media exposure and being talked about in offices, homes and pubs across the country will cause good things to happen.

This might be winning new business from potential customers who’ve been considering your product or service, with positive media exposure helping them to finalise a decision. Or it might be getting contacted by an old friend after losing touch.

Our client Mackie’s of Scotland got a taste of these second-order effects in a very big way – when our food and drink PR on the firm’s behalf resulted in a major pat on the back in the Scottish parliament

We ran a mini PR campaign after the ice cream maker reached a huge milestone by generating more than one hundred gigawatt hours of renewable energy through the wind turbines on its Aberdeenshire farm.

As a result of the coverage, Liam Kerr, the Tory MSP who is also Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Net Zero and Energy and Transport , raised a motion in the Scottish Parliament website, congratulating Mackie’s on its achievement.

Mr Kerr’s motion said:

The Parliament congratulates Mackie’s of Scotland, ice cream and chocolate producers, for reaching 100 million kWh of energy through its wind turbines; notes that the energy produced by the turbines since 2005 is enough to supply 2,500 family homes with electricity for ten years; applauds the work being done by Mackie’s to help the UK reach Net Zero, showing the effect small businesses can have in the fight against climate change; recognises that Mackie’s also has nearly 7,000 solar panels across more than 10 acres, as well as two biomass boilers which heat its offices and houses on the farm; acknowledges that Mackie’s is currently installing a low carbon refrigeration system, which will cut the farm’s energy use by 80%; hopes that this fantastic work can continue in the future as they pursue 200 million kWh and continue to help the UK reach Net Zero”


Bear in mind this major political recognition and high-profile, public message of congratulation was an added extra – resulting directly from the expert media relations success delivered by our food and drink PR team

In fact, even before catching the MSP’s eye, the original campaign was already a runaway success in its own right, delivering these outstanding results:

  • 17 items of coverage across print, online, newsletter and social media
  • 251,907 Opportunities to see
  • National, Regional, Local, Trade and Business coverage
  • Features in The Press and Journal, Scottish Financial Review, and Scotland Food & Drink

The family-run business has been climate positive since 2007 with its renewable energy derived from a mix of wind, solar and biomass energy that produces over 8.5GWh of electricity each year.

Our food and drink PR team not only share stories about launches, flavours and stockists, but also have the ability to influence real change.

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