Mackie's choc orange ice cream - Food and Drink PR photography

Award winning PR for Luxury Scottish Ice Cream Brand Mackie's of Scotland. Holyrood PR lend their expertise to Aberdeenshire brand.

Mackie's of Scotland Media Coverage

One Ice Cream, Five Blokes and a Whole Heap of Coverage

Mackie's of Scotland Media Coverage

Mackie's choc orange ice cream - award winning PR photography

THERE are more than  few perks to working in PR, but every executive, manager and director dreams of landing a brand in their favourite food.

So, imagine our delight when we took on luxury ice cream giants, Mackie’s of Scotland, and we could started dreaming of piles upon piles and scoops upon scoops of delicious gelato.

Luckily for us, the folk at Westertown Farm are a generous bunch and we’ve had sneaky tubs sent to trial new flavours ahead of media releases. The most recent addition to Mackie’s range is a festive favourite, chocolate orange, and we were all hugely excited to get our chops around a scoop or two. All in the name of PR, of course.

Not ones to perpetuate stereotypes we shirked the Bridget Jones model of women melting for ice cream and had the lads get their gelato on to get in the release writing spirit…

But it’s not all culinary criticism at the office.

Our media release was widely picked up, letting consumers and suppliers know about Mackie’s newest flavour.

We secured 11 hits of coverage for the luxury brand in their heartland in key titles the Press & Journal and the Aberdeen Evening Express as well as stacks of others.

146,208 opportunities to see were created showing off the latest creamy creation from Aberdeenshire.

We hit more local coverage in Mackie’s heartland ensuring their loyalest fans were made aware of their good work and giving them even more opportunity to get their hands on this limited edition flavour.

Taking on a client like Mackie’s was a dream come true for the boys in the office and we’re delighted to be producing coverage to match their luxury status. As part of our broader campaign we’ve hit coverage across England, in Scottish nationals and in trade publications.

Pretty tasty if you ask us.

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