Thought Leadership media montage from Legal PR

Following the Leader: Putting Your Name Top of the Pile

Boyd Legal BlogMedia Coverage

Following the Leader: Putting Your Name Top of the Pile

Boyd Legal BlogMedia Coverage

 How Our Legal PR Agency Can Cement Your Business as an Industry Trailblazer

Thought Leadership media montage from Legal PR

TAKING on the world is a dream and ambition for a whole host of businesses.

Some are better equipped to do it than others and even then there’s no guarantee of success.

There’s no doubt that to become a real leader in your field you need the attention and respect of your peers.

At Holyrood we know the clients we take on are at the top of their game, but it’s not always the case that the media share our view as they start out.

We take those businesses and given them the platform they deserve, going toe-to-toe with the biggest companies and firms in the world in print and online.

Boyd Legal’s recent expansion has seen them to from strength to strength, tackling a move to the capital and punching upwards.

At the helm, director Peter Boyd has decade’s legal experience and provides valuable expertise, second to none, on a daily basis.

This wasn’t lost on us and we succeeded in putting this growing firm alongside Scotland’s heaviest hitters in the biggest titles.

We set up opportunities for Boyd Legal to position them in the country’s biggest and most trusted titles as leaders in their sector with great results.

Step One: The Industry

Impressing your peers does not always need to be an exercise in vanity.

Getting your voice heard by your competitors and those working alongside you can give you the ultimate credibility boost.

Ultimately getting your name out there is a great thing, but when a client asks for advice on a subject a competitor doesn’t deal with, they will point them in the direction of the most noted names.

We contacted the Herald to set up an interview with Peter Boyd in its Legal Focus, a regular feature usually reserved for the biggest, most established firms in Scotland.

Not only did the legal community take the chance to read, but those scoping out the best and brightest in this crowded sector understand the weight this lucrative column bestows.

Examining the ideal business model for Scots legal firms, Peter Boyd’s interview with the Herald put Boyd Legal front and centre as industry leaders.

Step Two: Consumers

Housing wealth has been a hot-button topic in recent times and, as heavy-hitters in equity release, Boyd were perfectly suited to advise the public on the benefits of taking advantage of their hard-earned homes.

This meant that Boyd were not only hitting the headlines for their professionalism and experience, they were doing it at the forefront of a legal discipline that will be increasingly sought-after in years to come.

Peter’s voice in one of the country’s most respected news sources was a fantastic result providing readers the opportunity to inform themselves on a pressing topic from a reputable source.

Taking advantage of and commenting on current trends is a fantastic way to boost your profile and build a deserved reputation as an industry leader.

This hit in the Scotsman did just that – getting Boyd Legal’s message out to the world.

Peter Boyd from Scottish PR AgencyTaking advantage of your property wealth is an increasing trend and one that few can afford to ignore. Read the press release that kicked off this fantastic article and find out a bit more on how to capitalise on your home.


Three leading titles targeted and three results to put the Boyd Legal message on the highest level in legal journalism.

Taking on your industry sometimes means taking charge and for Boyd Legal the effects have been obvious.

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