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It’s one of those things people talk about with an air of superstitious fear, but that we all truly accept is unlikely ever to affect us – but after a strike in Russia death by meteor seems suddenly less impossible. Hundreds have been left injured after a meteor streaked through the skies above the Ural mountains with fragments falling to the ground in the Chelyabinsk region. This caused breaking windows and car alarms to go off while the loud noise caused panic and initial fears of a plane crash. To watch different shots of the disaster, click the link.


If you’re from Edinburgh there is no way you would’ve escaped that madness that the new Krispy Kreme store has brought to the capital. Long queues and traffic jams are just two of the consequences that the American chain has caused. Huge tailbacks that lasted an hour on Scotland’s busiest motorway the M8 were even caused by people trying to get their mitts on some free sweet treats. Not sure people realise it will be there for longer than a day….

TubeRank (Aoibhínn)

TubeRank is an app to help find and design viral videos through a mix of inspiration and insight, enabling video makers to understand what makes a “shareable video” and helping turn a video idea into a viral idea. A fantastic tool created by advertising agency Rubber Republic who are specialists in viral marketing and social media advertising and the genius behind “Notorious M.O.M.” Ft. Fiat 500 video. Users can select from a variety of ‘triggers’ and interests, choose the level of LOL’s and WTF’s and the site automatically generates a selection of viral video’s.


There’s is nothing quite like checking you inbox to find yet another daily deal website offer and a load of spam, but nobody wants to find it from one of their favourite brands. Ultra cool car manufacturer Mini recently had to apologise to customers for a recent server glitch, but instead of emailing their mailing list a generic ‘Sorry’ email, they turned this unfortunate hitch into a PR win. By asking customers to reconnect with them via, they then went on to send them chocolates, flowers and of course a tin of spam!


A brand spanking new train set is a dynamite present for most kids but most move on to bagging their dream car in adult life. Not Jason Shron who has spent four and a half years transforming his basement into a miniature platform with its own station train.
Hobby shop owner, railway fanatic by night -the Canadian has finally fulfilled his dreams of always wanting his own train and has modelled it after Canada’s Via Rail Turbo Train which he’d ride from Toronto to Montreal to visit his grandma when he was a kid.
I dreamt of tree houses but this might just top it. He’s stripped out a genuine car which was about to be scrapped so it is unbelievably realistic and he’s added his own quirks by transforming the toilet space with an audio system for his new man-train-cave.
Check out the video which shows the full transformation just in case any of you have a basement going to waste.